Property Investment and Crowdfunding: A Unique Path for Investors


The property industry remains to be one of the most lucrative sectors to venture in. Even as the profits are life-changing, getting the initial capital to start such a business remains an abstract endeavor to many.

Besides many people lacking sufficient capital, rules have also been put in place by organizations to restrict investors. People whose individual income are over £100,000 are the ones typically able to venture into the flourishing  property market. For many years, wealth has been showcased and expressed in terms of property and not liquid cash.

Understand Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, according to Shojin, is a new innovation that can be used by investors and business people to source funds for property and other projects. What you do is that you create a perfect business plan or idea and show evidence that it will be a benefit to investors.

People will lend you money with the intention of reaping profits once your project is complete. In property, you tell people the kind of property you want to set, the location and after how long you will finish the project. There are different types of investments in property crowdfunding. The two main types include Equity and debt property crowdfunding.

As an Investor, You Must Know Everything

Just like in any other business, losses could also occur in crowdfunding property investment. As you look for a site to invest your money, you need to know the risks involved and how the investor is planning to deal with such risks.

The way your money is going to be utilised must also be clearly stated so that you know exactly what to expect. A professional crowdfunding platform must always look for ways to openly communicate with investors.

If you feel or suspect like something is not being well-explained, look for another platform and invest your money there. There is no need to rush because there are plenty of investment opportunities available.

Does Crowdfunding Real Work?

Until recently, property crowdfunding was not allowed. People were not allowed to advertise property opportunities and collect money from investors. Laws have been amended to give new investors a chance and enable them earn from property too.

People now use property crowdfunding to source capital for various property projects. As long as the developer and the investors agree, there is no problem, you can all proceed to sign the agreement and start your business.

The issue of accredited and non-accredited investors does not exist anymore, anyone who has capital can now venture into property and start earning money.

People are also not limited to one project, as long as you have money, you can invest in many property crowdfunding projects and earn a lot of money through returns. Crowdfunding perfectly works for both developers and investors but you need to use a genuine crowdfunding company to invest your money.

As a Developer What Should You Do?

People want to entrust you with their money and you know if you don’t deliver troubles will knock on your door every now and then. Describe all risks involved and ensure investors understand those risks before they lend their money.

In case your project goes wrong, your investors must give you time to fix everything before they start demanding returns. A lot of developers have encountered problems from investors because they couldn’t keep their promises due to unavoidable circumstances.

Know how to deal with risks and make sure you communicate earlier before everything goes into a mess.

Investors Must Also Be Careful

Before you invest your money on any property crowdfunding platform, research about the platform first. Some platforms are managed by students who are maybe architects or urban planners and they believe they can build a property and earn profits.

That is okay but it is better if you invest in property companies that already have properties. As an investor, understand all stated terms and conditions to ensure you don’t invest on terms that you don’t want. Property crowdfunding is an easy and simple process to become a property investor.


With a small amount of money, investors can now own joint properties. Investors work with developers directly so they are involved in decision-making exercises.

The immense autonomy on which kind of property to invest in amuses many investors. With a small amount, you can start lots of projects since initial costs are always reduced.

Were it not for property crowdfunding, property investment would still be an abstract idea to many people. There are also risks involved but the risks are not that bad as compared to other forms of investments. Remember, it takes time before you start receiving returns.



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