Luxurious premium twin villa in Turkey – a profitable investment





Villa’s investment in Turkey is a profitable deal. The presented villa is located in a new luxury residential complex in the Döshemealti area (a suburb of Antalya).

Döshemealti district 

Of the natural attractions of the Döshemealti region, one can note the Karain Cave, until recently a waterfall hidden from prying eyes in the forest thicket, as well as the magnificent Taurus Mountains and the Gulluk Dagi Termessos National Park. The presented residential complex is located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level, which makes it especially attractive for people with respiratory problems and lovers of moderate heat. Even on the hottest summer days, it is several degrees cooler here than in the center of Antalya.

Furnishings, interior, and exterior of a villa in Döshemealti

The residential complex, in which the premium class villa is located, has a total area of ​​38,000 sq m. On the territory of the residential complex there is everything that will be appreciated by lovers of active and relaxing holidays:

 * heated pool for children and adults;
 * tennis court and basketball court;
 * a fitness center with modern sports equipment;
 * Turkish sauna;
 * cinema;
 * children playground;
 * original and magnificent landscaping of the territory with pedestrian paths and an automatic lawn watering system;
 * pavilions for relaxation, where you can admire the mountain range or sit with friends in a quiet evening in the light of soft outdoor lighting of the territory.

The entire territory of the residential complex is fenced, and there are automatic gates at the entrance. 24-hour security and a video surveillance system will ensure the peace of the residents of the complex.

Each villa is connected to a generator that is activated in the event of an emergency power outage. Also, all houses are equipped with communications – wireless internet, natural gas, and central heating.

The area of ​​the villa is 275 sq m., the total number of rooms is 5, and the bedrooms and bathrooms are 4 each. From the windows of the villa with a balcony and an open terrace, there is a beautiful view of the mountains, as well as the National Park, the pool, and the territory of the residential complex.

Features of the location of the villa

The residential complex with premium class villas has a favorable location, both in terms of the natural environment and the distance from the socially significant objects of Turkey:

 * the Mediterranean coast can be reached by private car or taxi in just 10 minutes (17 km);
 * you will have to drive 5 minutes longer to the center of Antalya, where you can admire local sights and visit entertainment facilities – a distance of 20 km;
 * for those who prefer hiking, there is always the opportunity to open the Döşemealti map and go on a hike through the forests and mountain peaks – everything is within walking distance;
 * it is easy to get to the airport by public transport, the stop of which is only 300 meters from the villa, as well as call a taxi or go on a private vehicle (30 km to the airport);
 * next to the residential complex, there is a secondary school and a supermarket (500 meters), as well as the main road, the paths of which lead to Antalya (1 km).

Pricing in the Turkish real estate market

Of course, the same factors are at work in the Turkish real estate market as in other housing markets. Wherever you choose an apartment, its price will be affected by the location, area, quality of construction, etc. These generally applicable factors should always be taken into account when choosing a property. Therefore, we propose to consider them in more detail.

1. The cost of building materials 
The cost of building materials is always included in the final cost of housing. If the prices of materials rise, the cost of the final product, that is, finished housing, also rises.

In addition, the choice of materials is also important. It can be first-class elite materials, such as precious woods, or standard building materials that are used everywhere.

2. The area and layout of the property 
Another well-known factor is area. The larger it is, the higher is the value of the housing. Equally important is the layout. Apartments with good layouts are always more expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to decide on the area you need, the number and location of rooms, preferably before starting the search for a suitable option. This information will allow you to choose the best housing that will be convenient for living or renting out, but will not require extra investments.

3. Additional options
This may include:

Installed air conditioners;
Availability of built-in equipment;
Smart home system, etc.

These are the details that create the security and comfort of your stay, but at the same time affect the value of the property. In some cases, it turns out to be more profitable to purchase an empty apartment and equip it yourself. In others, it is much more convenient to take a ready-made version right away.

4. Stage of construction 
A great way to save money is to buy housing in Turkey at the construction stage. Developers are interested in sales at all stages of construction, but when the property, in fact, exists only on paper, it is quite difficult to sell it. The most reliable means is used – a low price. If the developer is reliable and proven, then the buyer does not risk anything by purchasing housing at the construction stage. When the housing is ready, it will cost much more. This is the ideal way to generate income from real estate without additional efforts: buy at the stage of construction and sell after completion.

Real estate in Turkey

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