Liverpool and Manchester Areas Named as Top Two “Coolest Places to Live” in Britain


Why not invest in a buy-to-let property in one of Britain’s coolest places to live?

The Baltic Triangle/Northern Docks in Liverpool and Ancoats in Manchester have been named by The Times as the top two ‘coolest places to live in Britain’. With RWinvest offices based in both cities, we agree!

Baltic Triangle Liverpool Investments

At number one, the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool is the place of choice for tech start-ups, creatives and arts with a buzzing nightlife scene emerging in this once industrial area. With a studio apartment averaging around £87,000 in this area, this is a great place to invest in a buy-to-let property. This growth is indicative of the developments and investments currently appearing around Liverpool, making now the perfect time to make property investments in these up-and-coming areas.

The Baltic Triangle being named coolest place to live in the UK is unsurprising, with young entrepreneurs flocking to the area to be in the buzz of creativity which is emerging here. With Liverpool’s arts scene thriving, along with investment and billions of pounds’ worth of regeneration projects across the city, there is increased demand for housing; providing potentially lucrative opportunities for investors who are quick to purchase property in the area.

From converted warehouses now providing a place to house the growing party scene, to restaurants and a planned £70 million luxury hotel with a rooftop restaurant; the area is full of independent businesses, creatives and investment.

In the North Docks, the council aim to turn ten nearby streets into a quarter for innovators. Investment in “Ten Streets” will create Liverpool’s new Creative Quarter, an exciting addition to Liverpool’s investments. The city is aiming to become an international destination, making buy-to-let investments a high priority for investors who want to be ahead of the curve. With more businesses being attracted to this area, there will be increased demand for quality housing.

This Creative Quarter development will also attract more students to the area. Students from across the world will be attracted to the vibrant quarter, only a stone’s throw away from top universities. Student developments in this area are luxurious and custom-built for students’ needs. It can be seen from the numerous developments on offer that this is a growing demographic for Liverpool and investing in this type of property is an excellent hands-off investment opportunity, managed by expert management companies.

Manchester Ancoats

Coming in at number two, Ancoats is Manchester’s hippest neighbourhood. Originally home to some of the largest mills in Manchester, it now houses professionals looking to live, drink and dance somewhere cheaper than their Northern Quarter neighbours. Young entrepreneurs are moving into the area fast, setting up their businesses in the old warehouses and creating opportunities for investors to let to these professionals.

Buy-to-let is an excellent option for any investor looking to let property to the young professionals travelling to this area to live and work. Like the Baltic Triangle, Ancoats is buzzing with independents and entrepreneurial spirit with the revival of the area growing fast. Old mills have been regenerated by the arrival of indie cafés, restaurants and bars with a focus on high-quality products.

Ancoats is also benefiting from Manchester City investing £1 billion into it. With new apart-hotels, homes and rooftop gardens appearing all the time, the area is tipped to be the “new Northern Quarter” and it’s not hard to see why!

The young professionals wanting to live in this area desire quality accommodation and to be a part of this vibrant community. There are currently exciting proposals to create living and leisure facilities for these professionals as tourism is currently growing – with Ancoats named as a must-see area for any tourist by the San Francisco Chronicle.

What We Think

At RWinvest, we agree that these two North West areas are the coolest places in Britain to live, and we are noticing more and more investment and regeneration being pumped into these areas, which is great for the property market and property investors.

Young professionals and innovative business people are coming to these areas to set up their businesses; whether it be tech start-ups or quality independent restaurants. If you want to get ahead of the curve and make sure that you are investing in properties in the right areas, contact us today and find out about the properties we have available.

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