How to Make the Most of Your Additional Land

If your house is on a large plot of land, you might be wondering what to do with it. Thankfully, having extra land gives you a number of different options, and some of these could even provide you with an extra income. So let’s have a look at a few ideas.


Sell it to developers

This is probably one of the more simple ways to get a load of extra money from your additional land. If it’s in an area where planning permission is relatively easy, it could be worth a lot to developers. You don’t even have to worry about planning yourself, as the person who buys your land can work that out for themselves. However, if you’ve already got planning then the land could be worth even more.

With this method, you can let someone else worry about implementing or managing the planning and simply take the money. You’ll have to decide if you’re happy for one or more new homes to go up near to your property, and how much money that’s worth to you. While this option will probably make you the most money, it won’t be possible for everyone, as not all land will be available to be built on, and planning permission could be almost impossible to gain in certain areas. That’s why you might need one of these other tips.

Grow some crops


While this won’t get you as much money as selling your plot to be built on, at least it keeps things green and simple. You could grow some crops to sell or even just to try and be a bit more self-sufficient. Choose the right crops for your land and climate, and get going — you could have your first harvest sooner than you think.

Use it or rent it to hobbyists

There might be people in your area that need a bit of land for hobbies or clubs — think of things like scouts, orienteering or fishing (if there’s water on your land). If you’re into one of these pastimes yourself, then you can provide something to the community, or you could also rent the land out to a specific club. You can sometimes do this even if you can’t get permission to build on your land, as it may come under different usage exemptions and you might not be putting anything permanent on there. 

Cell Tower on Your Property

Having a cell tower installed on your property can bring you additional income. Not many people are aware of this, so they are missing out on a great opportunity. Property owners can negotiate a cell tower lease with a wireless carrier and have a cell tower installed on the property. When the contract ends, they can renew the cell tower lease.

Build an extension or outbuildings for yourself

An extension to your own home could be easier to get permission for than additional dwellings, and so could outbuildings like stables or sheds.


Build additional homes and sell it

Instead of selling to developers, you could fund the building of additional homes on your land yourself. While this will be more expensive and probably more stressful, you could make even more money from your land. Again, planning issues could cause a problem with this idea.

Sit and wait

Having land is a great asset, but you don’t have to do something with it straight away. It might go up in value over time if you do nothing — especially if planning laws are relaxed. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for a while.

Once you’re happy with your house and land, you could have it selected for bespoke sales to higher-end clients with house and land Swan Valley.

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