Britain’s top 3 areas for property investments in 2017


The housing market is an ever-changing environment, one that even the most-experienced real estate advisor will find hard to predict accurately. With this in mind, it makes sense to follow your instinct if you feel that an investment can turn into great profit. This is even more true at this particular moment in time: the UK market is going through a shaky period and a daring attitude is needed to find the best deal.

What’s not to be forgotten is also the fact that while the market may be slowing down, prices are slowly becoming more reasonable and good bargains can be found. So being patient and ambitious a well as looking nationwide are essential parts of the real estate bargain hunting process.

If you are after some inspiration, read on for Britain’s more interesting areas for property investment in 2017.


A great investment if you are looking to target the tourism industry or you are simply thinking of letting to full-time tenants, Cornwall is the kind of place that is strategic as a long-term investment. A quieter, more scenic and warmer place to move if you are relocating from London or the North, Cornwall boasts affordable prices, almost unchanged over the last decade or so. Think of the quaint port of Falmouth or the charming, medieval atmosphere of Truro, with its affordable average value of £325,000. Why not buy and rent now and consider Cornwall as a place to live in the next chapter of your life?



The average house price in the Scottish capital is 42 percent of its London equivalent. Edinburgh is among the areas that will see housing prices rise the most by 2020. The combination of these two facts alone should make you realize the value of a long-term investment here, perhaps buying to let to the city’s thriving crowd of young professionals and students. With many of Edinburgh’s top-placed properties dating back to Georgian and Victorian times, however, some regular investments and maintenance are to be taken into account. If you are going to let to University students, simple features like double-glazing windows and central heating will be great assets for your Edinburgh property.

East London and Essex


The whole area has been out of the radar for investors and outsiders alike, but it is slowly becoming a hot prospect for those wanting to make a fortune on the back of London’s housing bubble. With Crossrail set to cut down travel time between central London to less than an hour by 2018, places like Shenfield, which now boast very affordable prices, or Woolwich and Ealing Broadway – both closer to London – will become sought after by big city dwellers and are some of the safer bets around if you’d like to maximize your return on investment already in the short to middle term.

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