6 Undeniable Reasons to Invest in Maple Ridge Real Estate



Buying a house is not an easy task, you have to make smart and rational moves to ensure the right property for you. On top of that, if you are looking for an investment property, you must go for an option that is affordable, safe, offers a lot of amenities and has a good price growth rate.

If you are searching for the same features and characteristics, then an excellent option for you would be Maple Ridge real estate properties. Wondering why? Continue reading this article to know more!

About Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge is a small city in the northeast of Vancouver, Canada. The city is placed near the Golden Ears Mountain Summits, which provide a wonderful backdrop to the city. The city is blessed with natural beauty, and various unique modern amenities make it even a better place to live in. 

This old city has semi-rural neighborhoods that feature large and beautiful single-family homes. In the urban neighborhoods of the city, you will find newly built townhouses and condominiums coming in an affordable price range. Compared to some of the other parts of Metro Vancouver, Maple Ridge actually offers much better affordability.

Current Maple Ridge Property Market Scenario

Recently, the demand for housing in Maple Ridge has considerably surpassed the supply. Though it is good news for the sellers, it has created an increased competition for the buyers who are planning to enter the market. However, the home prices are likely to go upwards in the near future too, which makes the city a perfect place for investment.

Most homes in Maple Ridge had been built a few decades ago. However, a good number of developments are either in the planning or in the building process. The median price of home in Maple Ridge is around $900,000. Large single family homes are the most popular and common style of home in the city.

Reasons Why Should You Consider Investing In Maple Ridge

1. Affordability

When you are going to purchase an investment property, you should definitely go for one that comes at an affordable price. Good news is, Maple Ridge is one of those places that offer you excellent properties at a cheap price. 

For example, the current home price in Maple Ridge is 19.71% cheaper compared to Surrey’s. The housing prices in this city remains at 50% of Vancouver’s housing price benchmark. To find out the most excellent and affordable deals from the city, you can check out Maple Ridge homes for sale listings.

2. Home Prices are Rising

Though home prices are still affordable in Maple Ridge, prices are rising day by day. Indeed, Maple Ridge has one of the highest growing populations in the REBGV community. Home prices in this city have risen almost 32% in the past year. The rising price is indicating more profit for investors in the future. 

3. Rapidly growing population

People are moving in Canada from countries like India, China, Philippines, and it is causing the population of cities like Maple Ridge to grow rapidly. Increasing population means increasing housing demand, and less time for a house to sit in the market. 

4. Natural Attraction

Maple Ridge is adored by nature lovers. It offers quick access to rivers, mountains, and forests. You can easily take part in outdoor activities, such as fishing or hiking. These natural attractions are bringing in a higher number of people into the city, and consequently booming the housing demand.

5. Availability of West Coast Express

The only commuter railway that you will find in the Western Canada is the West Coast Express. It is a highly convenient mode of transportation which operates during the weekdays (Monday to Friday). The availability of West Coast Express is a factor that is increasing the price of homes in this area.

6. Modern amenities

Maple Ridge offers maximum comfort to its residents with 24/7 access to care facilities. The Ridge Meadows Hospital provides maternity services, surgery services, and emergency services that people would urgently need any time. 

The city has a public transit named “TransLink”, which takes you to the neighboring cities effortlessly. Just by downloading a mobile app, you can get access to everything in the city. You will even receive alerts when there are road issues or emergencies. 

These modern amenities make Maple Ridge one of the best options both for living and investing.

The Final Verdict

Maple Ridge is indeed one of the best places for real estate investment in Canada. The city has a fast-growing community, which offers a combination of rural and urban lifestyle.

The overwhelming natural beauty of Maple Ridge accompanied by the abundance of markets, community events, modern amenities, and seasonal festivals are making this place more popular to homebuyers. Buying a home in this city can please you with the experience of living a good life, while investing here can lead you to the opportunity of earning big profits!

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