5 Tips For Selling International Property


Marketing your overseas home or vacation property may require a host of strategies, some distinct and some common to all real estate, if you want to do it efficiently. Buying and selling property internationally is much more common than it used to be even 10 or 20 years ago, but it still requires attractive features and smart techniques more than most US markets.


Maybe you acquired a house or a cottage overseas some years back and are now looking to exchange it for something new or just unload it to free up some capital for your next major investment in life, whatever that may be.

Here are 5 key tips to help you move your international property as quickly as possible for the highest possible selling price:

1. Highlight Security

Many buyers may be afraid of international markets due to security concerns. Put those fears to rest by installing a top tier home security system, like the ones explained in detail on homesecurityseek.com.

Most would-be intruders immediately leave as soon as they hear an alarm go off – and know the police are already on their way. Install surveillance cameras, motion detectors, high-security locks on doors, and strong bars around windows.

2. Profile Your Buyer

Take the time to write out a detailed profile of your likely buyer type – or your target market. Think through which types of people in which specific situations are likely to want the location, floor plan, and lifestyle that goes with your property.

Go the extra mile and outfit your for-sale property with “extras” that such a person would love, like bamboo furniture, wall paintings and sculptures by local artists, a surfboard, a golf cart, a flat screen TV, and much more than just the basic, standard turnkey features.

3. Create A Stellar Listing

You need several key elements to your property listings and online advertisements to make it stand out and sell fast. First of all, include attractive photos of your property from various angles and of each room in the interior. Use a catch-eye cover picture, a click-through photo gallery, and maybe even a short video tour.

Describe the lifestyle your property offers and represents in only 3 to 5 words for the main heading. Then, below that, highlight all the main benefits of living or vacationing there in a short few paragraphs. Finally, have expandable menus or drop-down tabs that allow those interested to access more in-depth information.

4. Broaden Your Reach

Especially with international properties, you want all the listings you can get and all the help you can get to make them sell. Many foreign countries don’t have the extensive, well organized listing system that exists in the US, so you need to contact as many locally active realty agents as you can.

And realize that almost all hits from potential buyers, regardless of where they originate from, will occur online. So you have to get a great online listing (mentioned above) and then place it on as many relevant websites as possible.

5. Offer Legal /Financing Help

If possible, try to include transfer fees and registration taxes and similar foreign fees involved in the transaction as part of the selling price. Many buyers won’t know how to handle these things, so it’s a huge plus if you can arrange some of it for them. If you can help them get the necessary financing set up too, and at an acceptable rate, all the better.

Don’t just assume that selling international property is the same as selling property at home. There are some key tips and tricks to keep in mind that can greatly impact how much your property sells for and how fast it moves on the market.

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