International real estate website are pointing its international investors to cities outside London for investment after the property classifieds website report reveals the best cities in the UK for living and affordability.

Home values in London may fall for the first time since 2009 next year on economic uncertainty resulting from the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union, according to estate agency network Countrywide Plc. Despite this gloomy prediction London will still remain a city with super high property prices excluding many British and overseas real estate buyers. Research by has found that the North of England and Scotland are way ahead of being the best places for to live and to buy more affordable housing

Best place to live for quality of life in the UK

In first place is Dundee! The City of Dundee, is Scotland's fourth largest city and the 51st most populous built-up area in the United Kingdom.In 2010 Dundee was selected by the Intelligent Community Forum as the only city in Scotland to be voted as one of the seven smartest in the entire world. The Intelligent Community Forum is a non-profit policy research organisation, which is focused on job creation and economic development in the broadband economy. Property in Dundee is fairly cheap while rent is relatively high, so it’s no surprise that Dundee is seen as an outstanding city in which to establish a property portfolio. It’s also an excellent place to invest in a property and generate income by renting to one of the many students or professionals who are seeking accommodation.

Dundee was found to give its residents the best quality of life, thanks to the city’s cheap cost of living, short commute time and low pollution index. Overall, Dundee has a quality of life index of 211.23. See Dundee listings

In second place the best place to live is Cambridge

Cambridge came in at second place for quality of life, with an overall index of 207.33. Being one of the highest paid places in the UK and scoring well for quality of life, we’re guessing it must be pretty good to live here.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

It’s not just the university that attracts the best brains, there’s also the Cambridge Science Park, to the north of the city. There are 100 companies working there. And while some towns build a property boom on the back of just a new branch of Waitrose, the Science Park is going to have its own, brand-new £26m railway station as from next year. According to the website Rightmove, houses in Cambridge spend the shortest time on the market of any location in Britain: just 27 days, against the national average of 65. In the past year alone, prices rose by 20 per cent, to an average £419,000. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that they will keep on rising

Third place Plymouth

Coming in at third position is Plymouth, with an index of 207.7. The south-western city scores well on property prices as well as safety and climate. 

  1. Dundee - 211.23
  2. Cambridge - 207.33
  3. Plymouth - 207.07
  4. Edinburgh - 204.12
  5. Sheffield - 203.88
  6. Liverpool - 203.63
  7. Cardiff- 202.47
  8. Aberdeen - 200.07
  9. Southampton - 197.41
  10. Bath - 196.11

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Cost of living in the UK

Depending on where you live in the UK, your cost of living could be more expensive than if you were to live elsewhere. Below are the cheapest areas to live for UK residents. The northern city of Carlisle has been found to be the cheapest place to live in the UK, with a cost of living index of just 59.7. 

  1. Carlisle - 59.70
  2. Dundee - 64.11
  3. Coventry - 64.62
  4. Sheffield - 65.09
  5. Leeds - 65.26
  6. Plymouth - 65.84
  7. Newcastle - 66.04
  8. Lincoln - 66.53
  9. Derby - 66.66
  10. Cardiff - 67.29

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Are International Investors Ignoring UK Cities Outside London? founder Nick Marr 

'' Overseas buyers flock to London as it appears to tick all the right boxes for real estate investment and a safe place to put funds into property. However the lack of knowledge about other UK cities could mean that international property investors are missing out on savvy investment opportunities. Many cities outside the UK present some outstanding opportunities for investments and quality of life " 


The West Country

A recent article by The Telegraph Property Investment Outside London points investors to Bruton, Somerset a town that's the tipping point between town and country, and at the centre of the work-life balance. Houses here aren’t nearly as expensive as in Bath, yet there is lovely countryside and a wealth of pretty villages. There is also an abundance of good private schools (Millfield, Sherborne, plus Bruton Boys and Bruton Girls) and it has just got a new art gallery (Hauser and Wirth). Trains from Castle Cary take 90 minutes to London Paddington: a long journey every day, but better if you only make the trip to town twice a week

Least polluted UK Cities

Pollution is one of the biggest contributions to damaging our global environment, as well as damaging our own personal health. In an attempt to be kinder to the environment, many towns and cities are finding new ways of designing transportation and other damaging environmental elements. Below are the least polluted UK cities, which are kindest to the environment and human and animal kind.

Liverpool - Despite being one of the UK’s major cities, Liverpool has been found to be the least polluted, with a pollution index of just 15.53. 

Edinburgh - Not only does the Scottish capital come out in silver for paying the best salaries, but it turns out that it scores pretty well on pollution, too, with a pollution index of 16.12.

Belfast - The Irish city of Belfast has been found to have the third least polluted city in the UK with a pollution index of 16.95, which is far ahead of London, which has a pollution index of 55.89. 

Pollution Index Figures
Liverpool - 15.53
Edinburgh -16.12
Belfast - 16.95
Brighton - 17.01
Lincoln -17.24
Cambridge - 18.53
Aberdeen - 19.70
Dundee - 21.26
Norwich -21.26
Sheffield - 25.17
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It seems that foreign buyers looking to buy a UK property that will present good returns need to venture outside of London to find some of the best places to buy UK real estate.

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