Top Australian suburbs in 2017 for property investors and buyers


Buying your home instead of renting or acquiring a property or investment purposes has long been a popular strategy for creating long-term wealth. However, your success in the real estate game will depend on buying the right suburbs at the right time.

Where to find the best suburbs to buy a first home or invest in?

Let’s put it out there – there’s no such thing as the “best” suburb since the ideal investment for you will always depend on your personal budget and preferences, risk appetite and goals. However, there are certainly areas that are predicted to deliver strong returns for buyers and investors this year. Here’s a quick lineup:

Footscray, Victoria.

A famous suburb located just 5km from Melbourne’s CBD, Footscray is in the process of rebranding its former working class roots into an urban, hip neighborhood. There are still many affordable opportunities to buy into the area. Discouraged by apartment oversupplies and bubbles, buyers are now favoring townhouses and smaller, boutique developments.

Semaphore, South Australia. Here you’ll find super low vacancy rates as well as strong yields that deliver twice the good news for investors in Semaphore, a famous beachside suburb located northwest of Adelaide’s CBD. Growth has been off the charts over the last 12 months, with houses up 21.5 per cent and units up 14.5 per cent.

Kamah, Canberra.


Kampah property values have lifted around 4 per cent in the last 12 months, which may be just the beginning of a lasting price surge. This family friendly suburb has a median price of about $530k and offers plenty of amenities to suit that demographic, which includes shopping centers, schools, sporting facilities, etc.

Goulburn, NSW. If you can’t afford to buy into Sydney’s city, then turn your attention to the key regional markets, where your money can stretch much further. Sydney investors are showing up in a big way in Goulburn, and the city’s median house price rose 7.69 per cent last year as a result.

Moonah, Hobart.


Homes are sought after in the central suburb of Moonah, which caused the vacancy rate to shrink to a tiny 0.5 per cent and 0.71 per cent in adjacent West Moonah. Yields above 6 per cent are achievable in this market, and the median price currently is at around $300k, making it affordable for homebuyers and a broad range of investors.

Taringa, QLD. Taringa is one of several Brisbane suburbs that tipped to perform well. This area is 5km southeast of the CBD and was singled out by property expert John McGrath in the annual McGrath report late in 2016.

End Note

Wherever you choose to spend your investment money, it’s important to buy with long-term goals in mind. It will be in your best interest to save for a down payment now and check the best premium variable home loan rates from a top Australian mortgage provider of your choice since Australia’s unstable property market might just remove the advantages these suburbs currently boast. By thinking about your end goals at the outset and purchasing a particular suburb while it’s booming, you’ll be in a much better position to enjoy a successful outcome.


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