The Secret to Alternative Living


It’s becoming more and more difficult to find affordable properties in the UK. More people are struggling to get on to the property ladder and even renting is becoming a luxury. With the increased cost of living, more people are seeking an alternative living experience.

London is a wonderful city, that has a rich culture and is filled with very interesting people. If you work in London and hate commuting you may find it works best if you relocate to the city. While relocating to London sounds like a great idea, the price alone may put you off. Due to the rising living costs, it can be a nightmare to find any property you can afford. This can be incredibly off putting to anyone who desires to move to London as the costs can be extortionate and you may not get much for your money. If you seek a spacious and exciting location in a property, then you may find interest in property guardianship. Becoming a property guardian is a great way to live in some interesting places and pay a fraction of the price! There are always properties which are available in London for guardians to choose from, and with the low prices, it makes it even more appealing.

What do property guardians do exactly?

The role of a property guardian is to live in properties, which are vacant, which often occurs when a property is in limbo and awaiting planning permission. As a property guardian, you may find yourself staying in a wide range of locations and properties. Many of the properties, which are available to guardians, include; offices, empty police stations and fire stations, schools, pubs, care homes and even churches can become a home to a property guardian. How it works is the owners of the property are matched with guardians through firms such as Global Guardians.

As a property guardian, your job is to ensure the safety of empty properties. Property guardian firms often seek professionals who can help keep their property under observation and in good condition. This is a fairly small price to pay for the luxury of being able to live in amazing locations and large properties for below market rent prices.

Living in vacant property may sound like a hippie dream or even a plot right out of a movie, however, that is not always the case. Property guardian firms can be strict with who they choose to place in the properties. Many may not accept people with children, people who smoke, partiers, pets and even undergraduate students. It completely depends on the property that needs residents!


Being a property guardian also opens the door for you to join a large community of guardians. By becoming a guardian of a property you will get to live with a variety of people from all walks of life. Ranging from social works, professionals working in the city to artists and musicians. This can help you create solid social circles as moving to London can be daunting especially if you are moving alone.

Being a guardian isn’t for everyone but if you want to become one it is important that you deal with only highly reputable firms such as industry giant global guardians, who provide professional advice and are fully compliant with all legal aspects of guardianship.

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