The Best Austin Neighborhoods to Buy a Home in


Austin has been a hot real estate market for several years now.  There are some many reasons why this city is growing year over year with an influx of new residents. Austin is a remote liberal community in the heart of Texas.  To put it plainly Austin is more California than it is Texas at times.  Combine this with the growing tech companies that call Austin home, and you have a good recipe for housing growth.

But what are the best neighborhoods to live in?  Well, this will depend on your budget, lifestyle, and how far you want to commute.  If there is one downfall to Austin, it is the traffic.  Sure, Austin has excellent restaurants, live music, and plenty of parks to go hiking or hang out in.  But traffic can be bad around rush hour.

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Downtown Area

Living in downtown Austin is a lifestyle choice. First off you will need a fairly decent budget as many of the homes and condos in the downtown area are pricey.  But more than that you need to want to live that big city lifestyle.  This means that most of your time will be spent in the downtown area and this would include shopping, eating, exercising, and maybe even working.  The good thing is if you enjoy this type of lifestyle you hardly ever need to leave this area.


The community of Mueller in Austin is an eco-friendly neighborhood that is built with a master plan in mind.  The developers built several types of homes from condos to single-family houses.  Plus, the developer built parks, restaurants, and shopping all into this community.  The prices in Mueller are very affordable, and this tends to draw a good number of families to the area.



The Zilker neighborhood can be found not too far from the downtown area. Often voted and one of the best place to live in Austin.  Zilker has lots of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and parks. You will find lots of young professionals live in Zilker.  Zilker is located to the Zilker Metropolitan Park which has over three hundred acres of open green space to enjoy.


In this north-central Austin neighborhood, you will find it is conveniently located to most things in North Austin.  Whether you work in the area or want to hand out at one of the high-end shopping centers Crestview is not far away.  Not to mention if you want a night out you can stroll over to the Capital City Comedy Club or Stiles Switch BBQ.  

Oak Hills

Oak Hill is a large area, and some people refer to it as East Oak Hill and West Oak Hill.  These neighborhoods are affordable for Austin standards and have a lot of amenities to offer. Another good family-friendly area that is home to the Austin Independent School District. The schools in this area are considered some of the best schools within the AISD. 


While the city of Austin remains a hot real estate market, there are hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from.  It is best to do your homework and drive around to see which areas might best suit your needs.  Pricing can be all over the board but if you are willing to commute a little bit you can find more affordable homes compares to central Austin.

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