Install a Veranda and Increase Your Home’s Value



A veranda is a wonderful addition to any house, especially if you’re looking to add a protected area outside so that you can enjoy the elements without actually being exposed to the elements. There are plenty of good reasons to explore modern veranda designs and consider adding one to your house, but one of the best reasons is that it will likely increase your home’s value. Here’s why.

People Enjoy Spending Time Outdoors

Most people like spending at least some of their time outside, but often, the elements can get in the way of their enjoyment. A veranda is usually covered so that you can use it year-round without worrying about getting wet from the rain, burned from the sun, or otherwise impacted by weather that would normally keep you indoors. Having a veranda increases the possibilities for outdoor space use.

When people look for a house to buy, they imagine the ways in which they will use the various spaces in and around the house. A veranda gives them a chance to think about relaxing in the shade on a hot summer day, keeping dry while watching a spectacular lightning show, or hosting an outdoor gathering without worrying about what the weather will be like that day.

Your Under-Roof Area Increases

If you have a covered veranda on one or more sides of your house, an appraiser will include that space in the total area of your home. Even a small veranda can make a positive impact on your home’s appraised value, making it easier for you to set a higher asking price or to take out more money on a refinance or line of credit. The more covered space you have attached to your main dwelling, the higher its appraised value will be.

Your Usable Space Increases

A veranda is particularly useful for people who have small houses because it increases the amount of usable space you have. For example, you might only have a small living room, but adding a veranda gives you more opportunities to entertain or simply relax in more areas. You aren’t restricted to the same place every time because you have another option.

People who are looking to buy a house want options and if they have to make a choice between a house with a veranda and one without, they’re probably going to choose the one that has the veranda. This is true even if they have to pay a little more for it. 

Curb Appeal is Critical

When selling a house, curb appeal is the most important part of making a first impression on prospective buyers. A modern veranda gives a first impression like no other and will stick in the minds of buyers even when they’re looking at other homes for sale. In other words, a veranda will make your house stand out against all others that don’t have one.


Adding a veranda to your house isn’t something you should do just to increase your home’s value. But, if you’re already thinking about installing a veranda, there is little doubt that increasing your house’s value is an additional perk to something that already has some other pretty amazing benefits.

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