8 Garage Upgrades To Boost Your Home Value



Garages are no longer just spaces to store your car. They’re multipurpose spaces that are also used for storage, meetings, or even workspaces. Most buyers won’t even consider your home if you put it on the market without a garage. Neither will a beat-down old garage fetch your home a good price. The condition of your garage may not be the only factor a potential homeowner will be relying on, but it can be a swaying factor when they make decisions.

Let’s, therefore, take a look at some key garage upgrades that are necessary to boost your home value:

  1. 1. Replace The Door

A garage door can revamp and increase your curb appeal by improving your home’s exterior aesthetically. It should complement the color and style of your home. The condition of your garage door may negatively impact your home’s appraisal. That’s why you should ditch the old-fashioned heavy garage door that needs strength to open and embrace its new, modern and advanced smart counterpart. Apart from its seamless fit into your home’s exterior, the advanced garage door will offer better security to keep off intruders because of its advanced features like photo eye sensors. Its automatic reverse feature is an added advantage to your family and pets because it’ll force the door to quickly reverse if it senses an obstacle. Moreover, it uses a door opener that can be connected to your home Wi-Fi.

To have your garage door installed or fixed you can get a skilled technician to do the job at ogd.com.


  1. 2. Insulate And Vent Spaces

You can upgrade your HVAC and install new windows in your home but when you overlook the garage, you’ll be making a grave mistake. Though regarded as a separate space from the main house, hot and cold temperatures seep into your house through your garage, therefore, overworking the HVAC. Apart from improving energy efficiency, insulating your garage will also protect you and your car from extreme temperature conditions.

Adding enough ventilation will ensure that you’re safe from carbon monoxide from car fumes that might get into your house.


  1. 3. Install Enough Lighting

Most garages are dull and dim places. Dark spaces seem unsafe and may not appeal to prospective buyers. Adding motion sensitive or bright LED lighting to your garage and painting the walls with a bright color will make it look cleaner and more appealing.

Since garages are now multi-purpose, adding more electrical outlets will also add value.


  1. 4. Install A New Floor

The condition of your garage floor has the potential to either invite or put off prospective home buyers. If your concrete garage floor is cracked from use or extreme weather conditions, you can upgrade it by applying an epoxy coating. It’ll seal the cracks, add a lasting sheen, and make it durable. It’s also easy to maintain.

Alternatively, you can use floor tiles which apart from adding style and class to your floor are stain-resistant and come in a variety of colors and textures.


  1. 5. Use Storage Wisely

Using up extra space in your garage as storage is okay. But cluttering the place by putting things all over is an eyesore and can send the wrong message to prospective home buyers. Instead, construct proper storage and place items neatly on labeled shelves or cabinets. You can also add bicycle racks. This will leave enough room to park the car and also set up a clean working environment if the garage also doubles as your office.

  1. 6. Install A Walk-Through Door

If you can only access your garage through the main door, you should consider incorporating a side door for easy access, especially if your house is detached from the main house. This will upgrade your garage as it’ll create convenience instead of having to open the main garage door every time you want to access the garage.


  1. 7. Add A Room On The Top

If your garage allows, you can add a room on top to use as an extra bedroom, extra storage, or your workspace. Potential home buyers will see that as an opportunity to repurpose that space for other uses away from the actual garage space below. 


  1. 8. Revamp Your Driveway

Just like your garage door, your driveway contributes to the curb appeal of your home. A revamped driveway will increase your entire property’s overall appeal. Replace the potholed and cracked driveway by paving it with greatly patterned paving bricks or asphalt.



When upgrading your garage, remember that its primary purpose is to store your car. Even when you repurpose the space for other use, let your car own the space. Prospective buyers may not share in your enthusiasm about a garage that’s overly utilized and doesn’t have enough space to keep the car.

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