Homes For Sale

Homes For Sale

7ae03e150f676d8fa95a477fc3fc654c721ea3b4aa87e461ce51e1dafbca43e5 has thousands of homes for sale from over 50 countries and offers investors, holiday home buyers and people seeking to relocate a fantastic select of properties. We provide some top tips and advice to buyers searching the Internet for a home to buy.

Repossessed property

Overseas buyers searching for a bargain property abroad can view listings by banks who have houses for sale below market value. Spanish property being offered for quick sale has reduced significantly, however like every international housing market Spain does still offer low priced property.

Buying a house for sale by owner

Savvy buyers and investors prefer to deal direct with owners selling a home online. Homeowners have access to unique information that some real estate agents may not possess or be prepared to admit. Information about local shops, amenities,, utility bills,  schools and travel times are all essential to making the right decision about buying a home from the owner.

Homes for sale by owner


Owners can advertise on and its exclusive network to help find an international buyer from overseas. Selling to foreign buyers does mean arrangements need to be made for viewings. Todays smartphone apps provide real time viewing and services such as Skype, to avoid wasted trips .

New homes for sale

New build homes are attractive to many buyers especially where there are incentives that may include low priced financing and extra such as fixtures and fittings are included.

Buying real estate off plan

Investors that are prepared to pay a deposit before the ground is even broken stand to make a return instantly once the building is for sale. The risks around buying off plan are plenty and its wise to take independent advice. feature thousands of homes for sale in the country, from rural locations  Europe such as the UK, France, Portugal, Italy and Spain offer great value. Caribbean, the US and South American country homes can be lower priced but away from the main communication links.

Rightmove international homes for sale


UK biggest overseas homes website is Rightmove Overseas which is essentially an international section to the popular UK property website we compare our site to Rightmove Overseas

Cheap foreign property for sale has offered international listings since 2004 and in that time has helped investors find cheap overseas property ideal for investment. In the early days this centred around off plan property in areas such as Brazil, Dubai, Cape Verde and some European cities. The global financial crisis saw international investors from Russia, China, India and the Middle East look to Spain for cheap bank owned property. Governments in Portugal and Spain offered investors Golden Visas for return when investors committed a set amount of funds as inward investment for real estate. Today investors are more savvy and more aware about the safeguards to their money when it comes to signing the bottom line for investment property abroad.

I would always be cautious where you see that a home was a do it yourself project , DIY is a dirty ord when I comes to buying a property. Homeowners who boast about the work they have done to a property only serve to put buyers off. Every buyer who is about to invest their money into real estate want to know

Home Buyers Advice 30 things to ask when buying a home

Whether buying a home from the owner or via an estate agents there its really important to know why the property is being sold. The answer can reveal a number of factors that may help you make a decsion about buying the home. More advice at Home Owners Alliance

  1. Is there damp?
  2. Is the building structurally sound?
  3. How much storage space is there?
  4. Which way does the house face?
  5. Is there sea blast ( salt erosion is costly and high maintenance)
  6. Are the rooms big enough for your needs?
  7. Have you been fooled by staging that can make rooms look bigger
  8. Do the window frames have cracking paint?
  9. Is the double-glazing intact
  10. How old is the roof?
  11. Are there enough power points and what condition are they in?
  12. Is the plumbing up to scratch?
  13. Is the property adequately sound-proofed?
  14. What’s the area like?
  15. Is it easy to get to public transport?
  16. Are there noisy roads or train tracks nearby?
  17. Are you underneath a flight path?
  18. Is there sufficient drainage in the area?
  19. What’s the insulation like
  20. Is the double glazing sealed and efficient
  21. Is there any condensation
  22. Does your phone work?
  23. Check the central heating. If it’s on, are all the radiators hot? How old is the boiler?.
  24. Check the aircon units
  25. Work out the true cost of buying
  26. Legal fee
  27. Mortgage arrangement fees
  28. Valuation fee
  29. Utility bills
  30. Home repairs

Moving House The Practicalities


People often ask “How much does it cost to buy a house” “How long does it take to buy a house and move in” “How much money do you need to buy a house”

However one question that many buyers who purchase abroad never ask is whats the exchange rate?. It’s a fact that not preparing to buy a property where there is a foreign currency exchange is a gamble. Foreign currency fluctuations can end up costing a buyer thousands. Not preparing to fix your currency rates and simply using your local bank means that you could be victim to some hefty currency fees. Its always wise to compare currency brokers and in most cases use a specialist broker. But it does not stop there, paying bills each month from one currency to there next can also cost you more.

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