Why you need luxury theatre seating for your home cinema set-up


Bringing in luxurious elements to your home cinema seating will help you experience movies in a way that you have never done before.

Home cinema is a luxury that has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past decade. So much aesthetic and artistic thought goes into the layout, the seating and the ambience of your home theatre space. Technology plays a huge role too – right from the audio-visual set-up to even in the home cinema seating that you choose.

Enhance the feeling of luxury in your home cinema

It is amazing to be able to have your own cinema set-up, and your seating should exude that touch of sophistication. You can make that happen by opting for European-inspired style, with neutral colours of black, grey and shapes of cream and taupe. Not only do these colours give the space a touch of class, they also enhance the visual experience. This is because these neutral colours don’t reflect off the screen and are good for ensuring the accuracy of on-screen colours.

Enjoy a great viewing experience

The right choice of home cinema seating is the simplest way to the best movie viewing experience. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure everyone truly enjoys themselves.

·         Make sure you don’t try to force too many chairs into the space. No-one needs a chair back on their knees.

·         Customise the size of your chairs to fit into your home cinema. Right from the size of the seats, the inclusion of arm and leg rests, and the size and flexibility of the head rest, almost anything can be customised.

·         For occasional guests, include some pull-out seats or those that can be stacked when not in use.

·         Always choose high-end upholstery for your chairs. The movie viewing experience begins with luxurious seating.

·         Low profile seating works great for a lounge feel. High backed seats are ideal for a formal set-up. Including motorised seats and head rests adds to the luxury of your seating.

Accessorise and pamper yourself during a movie

Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering, especially when watching a movie? If you are searching for design ideas, home cinema seats can have a host of accessories that can be added on. Consider cup holders that are available in a range of metals as well as in plastic. You can choose to have the rims illuminated, or LED lights at the base of the seats can light the way to the exit.

Tray tables are a great addition. Where else can you keep your popcorn and nachos? Wine glass holders are a great option for a glamorous night in. Other luxury accessories that you could consider include a seat massager or warmer for cold winter nights, or pull-out pocket to stow your phone in is useful. Consider including in-seat USB ports as well as charging outlets. These will be much appreciated, especially as your home will become the place all the local teenagers hang out in.

Add to the cinematic experience with motion coding

For the ultimate luxury home cinema seating experience, consider seats that are motion coded. Wavetrain has a great range of seating to choose from. These are seats that take cues from the soundtrack of the movie and give you a live experience. Feel a bullet whizz past you with a subtle vibration. Experience the dull thumps of heavy footsteps, feel the vibration of a car racing by.

With delightfully luxe seating, loads of bonus extras and the comfort of not even leaving your home, you’ll create for yourself a movie experience like no other.

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