Why we are Still Obsessed with Mid-Century Modern Design After All this time?


Mid-century modern interiors are all about organic functional living. Think functional structures, and only essential details. Back in the 1950’s outdoor- indoor living was revolutionary for an average American. Mid-century modern homes took advantage of this revolution bringing the outdoors to the indoor, with sliding doors, wide windows, and patios. The objective was to create a connection with the natural world, with a book on your lap or at a cocktail party.The clean lines, and geometric shapes might sound plain in writing. However, in person there is nothing basic about mid-century design. For it give a strong graphic blow with bold, sensuous curves, imaginative motifs, and textural fabrics.

Warm neutral hues and woods largely dominate the mid-century pallet. However, colour accompanies neutral tones as strokes of strength and presence to the space. It might be shocking, or seem out of place to contrast bold colors with neutral hues. However, we must remember it was the innovative gurus such as Hockney, Pollock, and Calder who ruled the peak of the era. Modern art much like the mid-century design reflects bold, ground breaking territory.  Mid-century style is unique in that it’s driven by mass-produced furniture and accents.

The brilliance of the mid-century modern structure and functionality is illuminated in, mid-century modern take on lighting. Lamps, and light fixtures bring the drama factor to any room. The light fixture shape, and presence is enough to be a motif all on its own. No other period has produced the same volume of household name artist and designers, as the era of mid-century modern. Why is that important? Why are we still obsessed so many years later?

We are a society that appreciates the beauty of function, and wants to be surrounded in functional beauty. Mid-century modern designers and artists revolutionized design. For the first time in history, functional items such as sofas, or cans of soup were been viewed as more than functional, but as art, as beauty. This revolutionary concepts, now dominates our twenty first century society. We all grew up knowing that functionality and beauty didn’t have to be separate entities. In fact, we now demand both in almost all goods we consume. Computers must be sleek, sexy, and fast. Or our coffee must be delicious, locally sourced, compostable container, and wrapped in art.

Why are we still obsessed with mid-century modern design?  We are still obsessed, because mid-century modern design changed how we lived, and how we enjoy surrounding ourselves with beautiful functional objects. Mid-century modern’s deign was so revolutionary that it has become a classic, or typical. Therefore you will see mid-century modern design that emanates through our everyday design. Making us potentially forever obsessed with mid-century modern design.

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Samantha E. Walker is the Content Marketing Manager at EMFURN. She has a great experience in writing the number one source for modern, contemporary and mid century modern furniture. Emfurn was started in late 2013 to address the growing need of value priced modern furniture where high quality and reasonable yet affordable prices are intertwined.

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