Why is There a Need to Stage Your Home When Selling It?


If it’s your first time selling your home and you don’t have the benefit of the help of a real estate expert in home staging, your first instinct would be to remove all the things inside your home. This is a natural reaction, because you think that by removing your things you can readily sell your home. But this is actually counterproductive simply because if you want to pad the asking price for your home, you need to engage in home staging.

What is Home Staging?

In simple terms, home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale, and its goal is to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. It is like joining a beauty contest where you must beautify yourself, wear the best gown or swimsuit, and provide the best answer for the Q & A portion. Similarly, in home staging, you accentuate the best parts of your home, while de-emphasizing its least appealing parts. This is to ensure that during home viewings by prospective buyers, they would only see the best parts of your home. When you stage your home, you focus on the innate appeal of your home and transform this appeal into an attractive, irresistible one.


You can use your creativity!. If your garden, for example, is bereft of any design, yet, you know that it is the part of your home that you are really fond of, you can then embellish it with a shed to enhance its appeal. If you live in Glasgow, Scotland, for example, you can search online for sheds by simply typing “sheds Glasgow for rent,” and surely you would find company that rents sheds for sprucing up your garden.

You can also engage in virtual home staging if you are good at video graphics. You can use a video editor software to highlight your home online by creating highly appealing videos and imagery of your property. Virtual home staging is increasingly becoming popular because it is less expensive and requires less time to accomplish.

Simple Tips on How to Stage Your Home

The good thing about home staging is that if you are successful in staging your home, you can increase the asking price for your home and shorten its listing time. There are many ways on how you can stage your home, but here are some succinct tips to help you with the process:

*  First, you need to remove clutter from your home to prepare it for sale.
*  Next, you can rent some furniture to make your living room look better.
*  You should avoid pushing the furniture against the wall thinking that it would make a room look larger. Instead you        should group your furniture in the middle the room for this would surely make a room look wider.
*  Repurpose any room within your house so that it could add value to your home.
*  Use warm light and great lighting fixtures.
*  Paint your room the same color as the adjacent room to make it look larger. Likewise, make use of neutral color,            while experimenting with other colors as accents.
*  Rearrange the wall hangings.
*  Grace the table with fresh flowers.
*  Create a toned-down and relaxing setting for every bedroom.
Clean every nook and cranny of your home.
*  Lastly, repair damaged wood flooring.

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