What You Should Know Before Buying a Granite Worktop for Your Kitchen


Buying your Kitchen worktop is serious business, so there is no room for errors. If you have decided to buy a granite counter, then it can be a tricky process. This is why we will give you some useful advice in this regard.

Things to remember when buying a granite kitchen worktop.

Go for Seamless Worktops

When you are buying a granite countertop, try to select a seamless one. The seamless ones are more expensive, but they look better than the ones using seams.

The strange thing about the granite worktops using seams is that they look fine at the time of installation, but their look deteriorates as time passes.

Avoid the Use of An Under-Mount Sink

Do not go for an under-mount sink for granite countertops. What the manufacturers do is they cut the granite slab in a way that the sink can fit in. When you go for the under-mount sinks, then they turn out to be a more expensive option.

This is why you should go for the drop-in sink for the granite worktops. Ideally, you should buy the sink before you decide to purchase the worktop.

Study the Imperfection of The Granite Stone When Buying the Worktop

When you buy a granite worktop, then try to look for natural pits and hairline cracks. You should ask the stone fabricator to give you some details about the imperfections. Usually, they do add to the beauty to the countertop, but you should keep one thing in mind.

Granite worktops with imperfections can get damaged easily if the worktop has a thickness of less than one inch.

Have A Clear Perception About the Thickness of The Kitchen Counter

You should go for thick granite countertops. The ones readily available in the market have a thickness of about ¾ inches. They are more fragile and will need laminated edges. The smart move is to go for the countertops that have a thickness of about one inch.

Go for Resin Treated Kitchen Counters

Most granite Kitchen Worktops have acrylic resin applied to the surface of the slab.This helps to close the pores that are present in the stone. It is vital to apply the resin on the lighter colors because the dark colors might not be able to soak in the resin because they are dense. The resin coating helps to eliminate the stain issues.

Opt for Custom Designed Edges

It is preferable that you should go for custom designed edges to fit the cabinet detail with ease. However, you should remember that all the fabricators will not offer you the custom edges.

Buy the Counter from Local Providers

It is also important that you should buy the countertops from the right place. The best move is to buy them from local providers. The reason is that you can contact the local providers whenever you feel the need but make sure that the local provider is a reputed company.

This way you can get hold of the perfect countertop deal that suits your requirements.

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