What You Need to Know about Indoor Air Quality


From what it seems, governments are taking more and more important steps towards regulating the indoor air quality. For example, in the Fairbanks, Alaska, region, the EPA set up some quality standards that were approved and implemented. However, this is not the only region that is subjected to such changes, and this comes after more and more community members are concerned with this aspect.

Pressures from the Public

The topic of the indoor air quality has been often raised by the state on more than one occasion. At the same time, the public is pressuring the authorities to rush with the regulations regarding this subject. One of the examples mentioned on the bill is what is allowed and forbidden for burning indoors. As such, fireworks, barbecues and other similar things that release lots of harmful gas when lit were banned from being burned inside.

There are Some Inconveniences, Too

Of course, on a first glance it may seem as if this bill is all for the best. And it is, no doubt about that, but there are still some inconveniences to be taken into account. For example, some people might be bothered by the fact that it is going to be much difficult to use a fireplace or some other kinds of heating. If you want to use a fireplace for now on, you will have to spend more time and money in order to get a waiver.

Lack of Details

The bill that is in works at the government also has some other details that are not clear. For example, it should be clearer about aspects such as wood moisture content, smoke opacity and so on, which it doesn’t. At the same time, people don’t really understand how the government intends to regulate this burning of material or how they want to reinforce the bill regarding the air quality standards.

Extreme Changes

For people of Alaska, the new bill means a drastic change in their lifestyle. Why is that? Because they use wood as a heating source. Most of them keep the wood outside, and outside many times it happens to snow. The bill says that they would have to completely reorganize their own lives and to invest more money in having wood shelters.

Online Solutions


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