What to Consider When Remodelling Your Backyard


In recent years having available outside space has become paramount for homeowners. It allows us to increase the living space we have and make the most of good weather when it appears. If you are planning to get your backyard in shape for the warmer months, we have put together a few pointers to help you decide how to get the most from your garden.


Lifestyle Choices

Before making plans for your backyard, you need to decide how the space will be used and then work out how to achieve that goal. If you plan on playing sports in the yard, you may want to consider fencing to stop balls and play toys from damaging the plants or the neighbors’ gardens. In the same token, you may want to avoid having a greenhouse that can get damaged or cause injury. For families with young children, you will need to ensure the youngsters will be safe in the yard, even when unsupervised in the garden. It can be an exciting time having a remodel of your yard, but you need to be honest about how much maintenance you will want to do ongoing. If you are not a keen gardener, you should look for a layout that needs little work to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Backyard Surfaces

One of the joys of having a backyard is being able to sit in the space all year round. Most people opt to have a designated patio or decking area for barbeques and outdoor eating. You will also want to have other surfaces that look great and are functional. If your yard is very shaded, you may want to opt for varieties that aren’t averse to shade as this will stay healthy with minimal sunlight. Should your lawn area be bathed in the sun, you can look for grass that suits, or possibly consider laying fake grass as this will need no maintenance throughout the year. When many of us go on holiday we want to have a garden that replicates where we have been, be wary of that as you will find that gardens are designed around their location and year-round temperature. There is no point in having a Florida style garden if you live in a cold climate.

Choosing Trees and Plants

Deciding on what to plant in your flower beds depends on your style and how much work you want to do to maintain them. If you prefer plants that look great but need little maintenance aim for hardy plant varieties that require little watering and trimming. For those that want to add trees into the space, you can either grow them from scratch or look for partially grown ones, they may cost a little more but will look fantastic. For those considering a vegetable patch be careful to keep it out the way of play areas and in a space that gets the desired amount of sunlight, keeping it close to a water supply is also a good idea.

Structures for Your Garden

Depending on how much space you have available, you may be looking to add a few structures to your yard. If you plan on being hands-on with the gardening, you should look for a good-sized shed that you can keep all your tools in and store a few items such as pushbikes and larger toys. For families with young children, you may decide to have some play structures for them. If the children are still very young, you will want to situate these in an area that can be seen from the house, so you can keep an eye on them while they play. A popular addition for many gardens is having a backyard office or summer house. These can double as shed space in the winter and will give you a beautiful shaded area to sit in the summertime. Be mindful to keep any summerhouse in a lightly shaded area as it may get too hot to use in the summer, potentially creating a greenhouse effect for the occupants.

Entertaining Family and Friends

As mentioned earlier, many homeowners choose to have a patio or decking to congregate and eat outside. Choose furniture that suits your lifestyle, whether that is comfortable seating or space for an outdoor dining table. If you decide to have a built-in barbeque area, you should pay attention to where to locate this so that the smells don’t enter the home and it isn’t too near trees or outbuildings that can cause a fire hazard. There is a wide range of outdoor seating available depending on your budget. Try to buy furniture that is weather-resistant along with cushions that are easy to clean and don’t soak up water.


Some of the basics of a garden remodel can be done in the colder months, meaning you will have more time in the summer to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Get a plan together and consult your family to understand what you want to achieve and then put your plan into action and get your yard summer-ready.

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