Using furniture to make your home feel more retro


As has seemed to be the case for the last 5 years or so the feel of a retro house seems to be very much still in vogue, whether you are adding in a restored retro juke box and other bits or just filling your home with retro furniture you can make it feel like your house is out of any of the golden age years from the 60s to the 80s.

In this article we are going to show you some really impressive retro builds that will make you fall in love with your teenage years again

60s Nostalgia


Who remembers having a sofa like this ?

For some the golden years of the 60s in by far the most popular era to deck your house out in, whether it is a juke box from one of them old school American diners or how about a pure wooden stereo setup just like you remember from being a kid.

The 60s holds a lot of nostalgia for a lot of people, Dirty Dancing, Grease etc these movies hold a lot of value to people and remind them of the days gone by

70s Nostalgia

The 70s is generally really overlooked as a nostalgic decade, it seems to be lost between its big brother the 60s and its little sister the 80s, but there were still (I am sure) a lot of things that can take you back, football down the park, chasing the ice cream man;.

These are all memories that I have of the 70s, but also most of my life before the advent of the home PC in the 90s

80s Nostalgia


This is by far and wide the most outstanding resin flooring I have ever seen

The 80s is by and far the most nostalgic era for me, I was just getting in to my teen years, the music and fashion was by and far the (best/worst delete as appropriate) over the decades that I have lived in.

It has also created one of the most iconic home improvements I have ever seen, I still have all my vinyl in the loft collecting dust but one entrepreneurial builder managed to make his vinyl work in his flooring.


No matter what decade you see as your golden era, there are things that we all remember and those things that we all want to forget.

Furniture is something that seems to age better than the wallpapers or the paint styles, but nostalgia is always blind to what other people think is stylish, or in vogue as the case maybe.

But with a bit of ingenuity you can bring your house back to the way that you remember as a kid, shamefully looking at the ideas, I think I would probably change it back rather sharpish.



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