Useful Tips to Get a Customized Home Plan


A dream house is what is needed by most people. At times, people are not convinced in houses they live in. Therefore, making a house of your choice will be more worthy. If you had a chance to customize your house, what would it look like? To answer this question, you will obviously need some knowledge on different types of house plans in the market.

Types of house plans

The exterior of a house is equally important to decorating the interior. Once you have decided to go for customized home plans, you must go through some types of homes. View the following list to know variations between house plans:

Georgian home plans: These house plans focus more on the exterior than the interior of the house. These houses were popular in 1700 to 1776. The entire house has a symmetrical shape. It is a 3-story building with dormer windows, chimneys and gabled roofs.

• European home plans: This style is a mixture of French, English and Mediterranean architecture. It is the most common design in the present day because it promotes luxurious living style. It contains balconies, multiple rooflines, and decoration with stones. This style is acquired by modern people.

• Cottage homes: Cottage houses encourage more woodwork inside and outside of the house. It contains small porches. They are usually found to be in single story design. These are also called vacation homes because they give a cozy feeling.

• Southwestern home plans: This type of house is commonly found in places like California, Nevada, Arizona, etc. It has tiled roofs with stucco walls. Its walls can also be textured according to your choice. It has low roofs and covered porches.

• Italianate home plans: These homes were very popular in 1840 and 1885. They have low roofs but long windows. If you look from outside, it will give a symmetrical shape. Its appearance is such that it looks like two or three story building.

• Farmhouse home plans: It is a traditional house plan. The biggest feature of such a house is its long porch. It has gabled rooftops. It can either be one story or two stories. Wooden flooring is also frequently found in farmhouse plans.

Tips on customizing your house plan

1. Brainstorm your ideas first. Be clear on what you want. Sketch it out and seek help from professionals so that they can guide you well.

2. Do not forget to think about plans. If you wish to stay in the same home for years then think about your children and their future, then start designing your house plan.

3. Start listing down some features that you want to put in your house.

4. When you think about adding features to your house, do not forget about your budget. Always maintain your budget so that you do not go an extra mile to create your dream house.

5. Always ask for professional help once you are done designing your house plan. Custom house plans can always be good with a little bit of help.

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