Useful Tips for Choosing Green Windows and Doors


What is green?

Green means environmentally friendly. Today the trend and idea of saving the planet or at least not damaging it even more is extremely popular among people of all ages. Many green buildings are located, constructed, designed, and maintained in Canada to promote resource conservation and also help enhance the well-being of their occupants. Green houses try to use only natural recourses and require very precise attention during the construction. People try to make their home greener every day by spending less energy and water, or using green and natural materials to simplify recycling.

Green Windows and Doors Guide

1. Commitment of a manufacturer to the environmental stewardship — if you are looking for green windows and doors then make sure to cooperate with a specific type of manufacturer. The company has to think green, be green, and has the right stewardship.

2. Energy efficiency — one of the greatest ways to make your units green is to make them as energy efficiently as possible. Try to consider windows and doors materials, glass coating, number of panes, and of course insulation qualities of the new units. The more energy efficient your new windows and doors will be, the more money you will save in the long run, and so the greener you will be in general.


Experts is windows and doors installation advise using vinyl or wooden units with at least triple-pane glass and special coatings to reach the best results.

3. Recycled content is very important if you want the house to remain green. Professionals advise to evaluate the amount of recycled content that are used in the house and its production because later it can be post-consumer or post-industrial.

4. Indoor air quality is extremely important for comfortable residence in a house. Experts explain that the main issue with the air quality indoors is VOC standing for Volatile Organic Compounds. To preserve good quality of indoor air make sure that products and materials for your windows and doors meet specific green requirements such as Green Seal.

5. Daylight and views — Windows and doors must provide the house natural light while windows are also ‘responsible’ for good views. Designers explain that proper natural daylight and great views are the key factors for green windows and property in general. It is important because by using natural light during the day you can eliminate the necessity of using artificial light and electricity. Only owing to the proper windows you will be able to reach the right results. In terms of positioning experts from

Choice Windows Company advise putting new windows and shading devices in places that maximize daylight in the rooms and at the same time minimize heat gain.


6. Increased ventilation effectiveness — ventilation is also the responsibility of windows. Only good and operable windows will help you get the right amount of fresh air at home. With the proper amount of air ventilation inside of the house you will be able to reduce the need of mechanical systems to get fresh air flow and so also be greener.

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