Did you know that five of the last eight years have resulted in record temperatures? Based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the land and ocean temperatures were 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the average for the 20th century. With more attention focused on the environment, consumers today are looking for new and innovative ways to go green, which is why we decided to bring you the homeowner’s guide to solar panels and energy efficiency.

Are Solar Panels Right for My Situation?

Solar power is not right for every consumer, but it might be just the thing for you, your business and your family. There are five critical factors that you should consider before deciding to invest in solar energy. The ability to save thousands in the long-term make it a sound investment.

Geographic Location

While there is a viable solar energy market in every state, you should consider your location to ensure that you have enough access to direct sunlight. If you live in a city that often has cloud coverage or fewer daylight hours, the cost to go green may not be the best option. That said, many locations in the United States are viable choices for solar panels. If you are unsure of your state’s energy condition, you can contact us for a free energy audit.

Consumer Behaviors

If you have a large home or business that costs thousands of dollars a year to heat or cool, solar energy will reduce your energy bills exponentially. Your savings will outweigh your investment. You also do not have to budget for the cost of home energy when you produce it from the sunlight. You will also have access to affordable air and heat, which can cut down significantly on thermostat regulation and other cost-saving measures.

Financial Situation

Will your home benefit from tax breaks? Since the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) passed in 2006, investment in the solar energy market has grown by 59 percent. The government extended the ITC so that it will be available until 2021. Moreover, the switch to solar panels will increase your home’s value and savings by thousands of dollars.

Roof Design

The design and condition of your roof are critical for installation. Solar energy companies prefer to install on southern-facing roofs that are covered with either concrete or composite shingles to produce optimum results. It is best to let the experts analyze each area to determine requirements as well as alternatives that are available for proper installation.

Eco-friendly Attitude

Did you know that residential homes contribute the most to CO2 emissions? Based on research, more than 100,000 solar-powered homes reduced CO2 emissions by nearly 700,000 metric tons. If you are looking for a way to make a significant contribution to energy conservation, solar power is the next step to consider.

As solar technology has advanced, alternative energy has become more readily affordable for residential and business owners. The benefit of commercial solar power also empowers consumers to reduce their footprints while also improving the quality of life for its users.

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