Upgrades That Add Style and Value to Any Home


Whether you intend to put your property on the market, you are looking to let it out or you just want to enhance the value of your home, you will find plenty of advice relating to upgrades you can consider. However, while some can make a genuine difference, both to your living space and its value, others can simply burn a hole in your pocket to no real effect.

Let’s explore some value adding upgrades that are always worth considering, whether you are selling tomorrow or planning on staying put for life.

Start at ground level

It is funny how many people dive straight for the paintbrushes and redecorate their walls, without thinking for even a moment about the surface beneath their feet. A stained and threadbare carpet is always going to make your room look down at heel and will make any other efforts pointless.

If you really like your carpet, consider renting a shampooer, and you might find you give it a new lease of life. Of course, this will not help if it is really worn, in which case it is well worth contemplating doing away with it altogether and instead opting for solid wood, laminate or parquet flooring. The difference it makes has to be seen to be believed, and contrary to what you might think, it needs be no more expensive than a replacement carpet.

Kitchens and bathrooms

These are both areas in which you can affect a real transformation, but your area of focus might depend on whether you are serious about selling. Many people make the mistake of investing thousands in a new kitchen, but unless yours is in a really bad way, it will not make the difference you might think to value.

This is because kitchens are so dependent on personal taste, and what’s right for you might not appeal to everyone. If you are staying put in the long term, though, a new kitchen is certainly a fabulous investment.

Moving to the bathroom, there is an interesting statistic from UK listings company Rightmove that a dirty bathroom is the single largest turn off for prospective viewers. This suggests that if you intend to sell, you are better off spending some loose change and an afternoon of your time on having a good clean up.

Windows and doors

Not only do they make a huge first impression on anyone approaching the property, but windows and doors provide security and warmth to you and your family. If yours are past their best, then it definitely makes sense to shop around for some quotes.

New windows and external doors that are made to modern standards will mean your home is better insulated, resulting in lower fuel bills in the winter. They are also far more secure, so there is a good chance that your insurers will offer a reduced premium.

Definitely good reasons to get modern windows and doors installed, whatever your long term plans for your home!

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