Updating carpets & wall coverings to sell your home quicker


Carpet style is really not too dissimilar to fashion trends. As time goes on the trends change, what is fashionable becomes unfashionable, and before you know it your wardrobe and the carpet you once loved are out of date. Like carpets wall-coverings evolve and change with the trends. In the 1980s wallpaper was at its height in popularity, and now it is so out of style it is almost impossible to find. The bold patterns and colours of the wallpaper are out of touch with the modern, clean, simple and neutral look favoured today.

When you go to sell your home, your out-dated carpets and wall covering will work against you getting the best possible price for your property. This is why it is important to consider removing wallpaper, painting, and renewing carpets before putting your home up for sale. It is also important to note that adding a pool, painting with bold colours, covering things in gold, or using huge light fixtures are sure to get the value of your house discounted by potential buyers.

Here are 3 tips for getting your home ready:

Renew Older Carpets

If you are looking to sell your home for the best possible price and your carpets are more than 10 years old it is probably best to renew them before you sell the property. The reality is the trends and styles of carpet that are popular have changed so much over the past decade that your carpets look like they came from another planet. Cleaning your old carpets will not change the fact they are out of style! In this case the easiest solution is to renew them with something simple, clean, and neutral to fit the modern tones. Many Carpet companies have a variety of colours and fabrics and its important that you do your research and look online for carpets that suit the style of the room. A brand new carpet really could make the difference

Clean Newer Carpets


Presuming your carpets are newer, as in bought within the last year or so, it is important to clean them before you put your house up for sale. This can be done over the course of a weekend either by a professional cleaner or you can opt to do it yourself and save some money. Cleaning your carpets is the best way to ensure they look as new as possible when a potential buyer walks through your door.

Remove All Wallpaper and Paint


All wallpaper must go. The same can be said for any walls painted in bold colours. Since wallpaper is totally out of style, and difficult to remove potential buyers will seriously discount the property if it is present. The best solution is to invite your friends for beer and pizza and remove the unwanted wallpaper. Follow that up with a quick coat of neutral paint, and your home is ready to present to potential buyers.

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