Traditional Texan Ranches Inspire An Enduringly Popular House Style


Ranch-Style homes are just as popular as ever in the US, with over two thirds of buyers looking for the versatility of a single-storey layout and spacious open floor plans. The traditional style has always been closely connected with the history of America, becoming popular in the 1920s as people headed west to start a new life. Now the iconic design can now be found around the globe, especially in locations where the airy interior and extensive porches blend with beautiful, open outdoor spaces. A traditional ranch or ranch-style home offers versatile living, whether you are buying your first investment property, a spacious home for an expanding family, or somewhere that will offer easier access in the future.

Traditional Ranch Estates In Texas

Although often blended with other modern styles, the airy and relaxed layout, spacious floor plans, and large porches of ranch-style homes still reflect a long-established way of living on traditional Texan ranches. While the trend for ranch-style homes is still strong, the design works particularly well when the property is set on an extensive estate that can support a larger footprint for the property. In Texas, the wide open plains, mountains and rivers support some of the largest traditional working ranches in the whole of the US. And whether you are looking for raw land in the hills or an extensive live-water estate, there are ranches for sale in a range of striking natural settings.

The Popularity Of Ranch-Style Homes In The US

Although most common in Texas, Ohio, North Carolina and California, a study found that ranch-style was the most popular type of home in 34 states in the US. Replicating the style of a sprawling ranch on a Texan plain, ranch-style homes tend to be smaller and appeal to a wider range of clients, including first-time buyers. The convenient single storey layout is attractive to families with young children, as well as to older buyers who are looking for ease of access throughout the building. 

Recreating The Style Around The World

Although the iconic layout and design of sprawling ranches originated in the US, the ranch-style has moved beyond the wild west to become popular around the world, where the distinctive design is often replicated. The relaxed and spacious open-plan living and strong connection to the outdoors is a particularly good fit for homes in Australia, where the ranch-style house has been popular since the 1990s. The design makes the most of large open plots of land, but it is also popular in the suburbs of Melbourne and other coastal suburban areas in New South Wales. 

Although ranches and ranch-style houses have seen a surge in demand recently, they have been enduringly popular since the design first became widespread in 1920s America. Since then, the relaxed and spacious interior footprint that blends seamlessly with open outdoor spaces has continued to appeal to a wide range of buyers all over the world.

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