Tips for Designing the Interior of Your First Condo



Buying your first condo is a huge achievement and an exciting time in life, whether you invest in the property by yourself, with a partner, sibling, good friend, family member, or others. 

There are all sorts of factors to consider before settlement and when you move, but don’t let yourself get so busy with the paperwork and moving jobs that you forget to think about how you’re going to design your first abode. Here are some interior decoration tips to consider. 

Think About How You’ll Use the Space

Before you get too far down the design path, it’s wise to determine how you want to utilize your condo. For example, will you need to set up a space where you can work and occasionally meet with clients? Do you want an area to exercise, whether doing some weights or stretching out with yoga or Pilates exercises? 

Is it essential to have lots of bookshelves and a dedicated reading nook, or are you more interested in keeping things streamlined and focused on simple furniture and leaving lots of space throughout? Do you like having a large sofa to curl up on and that guests can sleep on if needed, or do you want a smaller couch so you can keep some room aside for a wet bar or a cool music set up? The clearer you are on your specific needs for the space, the easier you’ll find it to make smart decorating decisions as you go. 

Pick A Design Style

It helps to pick a single design style to use in your new home to keep the look consistent. For instance, you might be keen to create a country farmhouse look and feel, pick a modern or traditional design, or opt for a streamlined Scandi fit-out. If you’re unsure of what you like best, check out magazines, interior design blogs, social media posts, and home renovation shows for ideas and inspiration to get you started. 

Learn the Condo Board Rules

Get to know the specific condo board rules for your building if you want to make alterations to your property. Most boards have policies documenting what residents can do regarding material selection, structural changes, cosmetic choices, and the days and times when work can take place. 

You may find your board has specifications around when and how materials get brought into the building, the disposal of debris, and the use of elevators. You need to know all this information and more before proceeding so you can plan accordingly and avoid facing consequences for not following building rules. 

Consider What to Save On and Where to Splurge

If you’re like many people, after buying your first condo, you probably only have limited funds available to create the design you want in your home. As a result, it’s wise to think about areas where you can save money when decorating and things you know it’s worth splurging more money on.

For example, you might be happy to leave most of the fixtures and fittings already in the apartment but feel it’s best to remodel the kitchen or bathroom to freshen up these vital spaces if they’re outdated. Hopefully, though, you don’t need to do too much renovation work and can instead focus your budget on purchasing furniture. 

You may want to invest a decent amount in a new bed, since sleep is so important. Purchase a hybrid mattress or another style that suits you best, and ensure you also have a quality bed base to support the mattress underneath. You might want to skimp on things like bedside tables, chests of drawers, rugs, etc., and pick up items second-hand online or at thrift stores or garage sales. 

In your living room, it’s worth outlaying a decent amount for a comfortable sofa that will wear well, but you don’t necessarily have to spend too much money on a dining room table, coffee table, or artwork. As you design each room, consider which pieces are most important to you and will get the most use, and budget your funds accordingly. 

Other tips for designing the interior of your first condo include utilizing gifts from family and friends to save money, such as hand-me-down items you can use in your space. Also, ensure you have enough storage in your condo, install lighting and heating and cooling options as needed, and bring nature in by adding some greenery with potted plants. 

Take your time working out the right design for you and your tastes and lifestyle needs. Don’t feel that you have to rush into buying everything up front; instead, buy items as you find the perfect fit for various rooms. The more time you spend living in a space, the easier it will be to get a feel for how you want to decorate it.

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