Three Ideas for Redecorating your Living Room


Living Room. Longue. Sitting Room. Whatever you call it, the main purpose of this room is to create a comfortable space for the whole household to relax. If you are just looking for inspiration or planning to completely redecorate, here are three ideas that will be sure to help with decision making – even if you have a tight budget.

1) Coloured Lighting

Coloured lighting is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. Being able to control the colour of your rooms lighting can help to create a certain atmosphere, giving your living room a very personal touch. This is now very cheap to achieve due to the use of acrylic sheets. The acrylic sheet price starts from as little as £1.00, depending on the shape and colour wanted. All you need to do it choose your colour and style – the rest will be taken care of for you.

2) Create a Focal Point

A focal point acts as an anchor, drawing your attention to a particular feature in the room. Fun fact: a fireplace is a natural focal point as it symbolises warmth. However, nowadays in most living spaces, the television is the true centre of attention. A beautiful view or magnificent piece of art can also serve as the focal point. Just be sure not to overdo this… you do not want your living area to look crowded or clash with the rest of it’s carefully picked features.

3) Coffee Table Inspiration

If your living room has a coffee table, it is likely that you are constantly making sure that it doesn’t get scratched or stained. Or maybe this is why you don’t currently own one? Lucky for you, this can now be prevented with this perspex sheet that comes in a variety of colours and finishes. To find out more visit Simply Plastics to learn about plastic sheeting. The sheets are cut to size and delivered right to your door. Just place on top of the table and watch your worries melt away. They are also easy to clean and handle due to the material. Simple!

These effective, affordable ideas will be sure to make your living room stand out amongst the rest. Enjoy your stylish new space!

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