The Newest Trends Covering Windows This Year


Windows don’t always get much attention in the construction field, but they should. Not only are they a huge aspect of a home’s aesthetic appearance, windows are often at the heart of a home’s energy efficiency. Choosing the right style is only overshadowed by finding a manufacturer who engineers a window to keep UV rays out while letting in a  lot of natural light. Although it sounds simple, it really isn’t.

So, what are the newest trends for windows this year?

In design terms, it is all about finding the right window size to maximize brightness without overshadowing the scale of the room. Whether you are planning on tackling your new window installation on your own or intend to hire a professional, the window that you choose will be integral to your room’s overall ambiance.

What is the difference in windows from last year to this one?

Last year’s windows were all about function and efficiency. Sustainable windows are still the hot trend for this season and they’re likely to keep their important status over time. Many homeowners recognize and appreciate the value in ROI window wear and are prepared to pay just a little extra for the additional benefits they provide.

What has changed in windows for this year is the type of window treatments that homeowners are selecting. Last year, blinds and contemporary shutters were popular; this year is seeing a rise in residential window coverings of various types. Bold, rich, and traditional window fabrics are making a comeback. Small details and bright colors are also enjoying a place in window decorating this year.

Energy efficiency

In the past several years, energy efficiency has become a homeowner’s number-one goal. With rising fuel costs and decreasing disposable income, many house owners are looking for ways to cut back on their monthly budget. And, upgrading windows to higher energy efficiency is just one way that people are becoming more green-conscious and trying to save some money.

Upgrading windows not only adds equity to the value of your home; the new Energy Star-certified windows appear to save as much as 12% per year on your overall energy bills. For larger homes, that is a considerable amount.

Coming in various styles from contemporary to traditional, the new window products are the perfect way to invest in your home for the long term. If you are going to update your windows and are looking for a way to save on your monthly costs, make sure to look for the energy efficiency label. It will ensure that you are getting the highest in energy-efficient manufacturing.

The only problem might be, having the savings upfront to invest in new window replacements. The cost to upgrade can run anywhere from $150 to over $2500 per window. The price depends on the manufacturer, the size, and if you intend to replace the window on your own or have someone do it for you.

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Vinyl windows: are they for you?

Windows have commonly been constructed of wood and traditionalists would prefer it that way, but vinyl windows may be the new “wood” for this year. Manufactured to create the same look, they provide a much more convenient and affordable option. Growing in popularity, vinyl gives you a sustainable window with high efficiency, and it has much less maintenance involved. If you are installing larger windows in a shape, it can really cut costs considerably.

The best way that vinyl wins out over traditional wood windows is their energy-efficient rating. They are not only cheaper to use; they help to cut your energy costs more effectively than wood replacements.

Windows as focal points

One of the biggest changes in the last year is that windows have become larger, grander, and the focal point of any room. New designer windows are less about letting in light and airing a room out, and more about bringing more detail and design to a space. With so many more options for window sizes, shapes, and detail, they are becoming part of a room’s decor and setting the stage for a room’s ambiance.

Although the changes aren’t drastic, window trends have changed slightly from last year to this one. Focusing on energy efficiency, a return to traditional window coverings, and using windows for decor instead of just function are the biggest changes for 2017.

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