The DIY approach to home dressing: top 3 tips


The UK housing market has finally received some cheering news. Even with Brexit fears and scaremongering headlines of recent months, we’re selling our houses quicker than ever – the average time on-market is now 57 days.

But before you put your feet up and wait for your house to sell itself, there’s a sticking point you need to consider. Recent signs might be positive but we still don’t know what the long term impact of new stamp duty surcharges will look like. It means the current upturn could soon collapse.

Whatever the future holds, getting your house sold as quickly as possible is crucial. In an ever changing market you can’t afford to rest on your laurels.

If your house isn’t attracting the offers you fantasise about – or any offers at all for that matter – it’s time to give it a makeover. Home dressing doesn’t have to cost a small fortune if you take the challenge on yourself. The following three DIY improvements will help you entice buyers.

Declutter but personalise

A spring clean is exactly what your house needs before welcoming viewers. The one thing you don’t want is clutter. It tells prospective buyers that there isn’t enough space, and makes it difficult for them to imagine themselves living there.

Make sure you don’t get too carried away, though – being devoid of personality will also give off the wrong vibe. People want to buy a home, not just a house. Leave a few ornaments and family pictures in place, and create a warm and welcoming glow with lamps or candles.

Give your furniture a facelift

Battered coffee tables, crumbling kitchen countertops and stained bathroom cabinets will only ever detract from the overall feel. Revamping your well-worn favourites will instantly revitalise and modernise your house.

It’s really easy to replace surfaces and touch up paintwork. Whatever your project, before you get crafty, make sure you’re using quality products. The Tensor spray contact adhesive, for instance, can be used on lots of different materials and will give a luxurious, professional finish.

Bring the outside in

Adding some greenery will do wonders for your house. Indoor plants help create a healthy and relaxing atmosphere – perfect for inspiring viewers with the confidence to make an offer.

Natural light is also a great mood booster and will make your house feel more attractive. You should brighten up windows by placing mirrors on opposite walls and swapping to neutrally coloured curtains.

None of these home dressing basics require much money to implement but they could help you make a killer sale. Get creative and you’ll be popping the champagne in no time at all.

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