The Benefits of Wooden Flooring

If you are planning on replacing the flooring within your home, you may want to consider wooden flooring. Many people overlook this type of flooring as they think it’s too expensive, but actually wood floors can last for hundreds of years, and have so many great benefits. Not only does it add warmth, texture and character to your home, it is very easy to maintain and just like a good wine, it gets better with age.

Below are some of the major advantages to having wooden floors in your home:

So much choice
The great thing about wooden flooring is the sheer variety on offer. There are so many colours, styles and finishes available to suit all tastes and budgets, each with individual characteristics to enhance the current decor in any room. Visit to view a few examples.

Easy to clean
We’ve all been there; that red wine stain on the carpet just won’t budge and the only way to cover it up is with a coffee table or plant pot. Wood floors are much easier to clean than carpets as they don’t accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Spillages can be wiped clean and rather than lugging the hoover around the house, your flooring will require a little sweeping and mopping in order to maintain. It is important that you use the correct cleaning product recommended by your flooring manufacturer.

Healthier for the home
You may not know this but wooden flooring is actually a healthier choice than carpets, as it cannot trap the likes of dust, pollen, particles and allergen. This type of flooring provides a healthier living environment, is ideal for allergy sufferers and will also help to improve air quality. According to A Concord Carpenter, an analysis of wood flooring conducted by the University of Wisconsin supports that wood floors improve indoor air quality.

It lasts for years
Many people find themselves replacing a carpet every five years due to stains and general wear, but good quality wooden flooring can last for decades. Tough and hard-wearing, with minimal maintenance needed, most wooden floors tend to look better as time goes by, unlike carpet that can begin to look tired and worn out.

Never dates in appearance
Wooden floors give a high quality appearance, adding a natural and warm feel to any room. It suits almost all types of decor from the very traditional through to the most contemporary, and a major advantage is that it will never go out of style, making it easily adaptable as you change the decor surrounding it.

It adds value
Although it may cost more initially, wooden flooring retains its look and value over the years. It can also raise the value of your property when it comes to selling. According to Better Home and Gardens, a national survey revealed that houses with wood floors sell faster and for higher prices than houses without wood flooring. This is definitely a worthwhile long-term investment that can add value to your home.

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