Summer Bedroom Ideas For Small Homes


Summer has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more ready to roll out the barbeques and line up a few long lazy days at the seaside soaking up the sunshine. But this season doesn’t have to be all about getting outdoors, as we can bring the spirit of summer inside as we take refuge from the rays…or even those pesky British summer showers.

 If you’re looking for some great DIY ideas for sprucing up your bedroom this summer, you’ve come to the right place!

Let the light in

Want to create that instant feeling of space in a small room? Let that all-important sunshine in with a fresh lick of white paint across walls and surfaces. Not only will it invite the light in and help it to bounce around the room – making it feel much larger in the process – but it’ll also allow you to introduce vibrant colours and textures with your accessories and textiles. These are bound not to clash with your chosen wall colour – which will be the perfect blank canvas to work with.

Bring the beach to you


Whatever it is you love about the beach – craving the ocean breeze on your face or feeling the sand slipping through your toes – you can capture the essence of the seaside by embracing it’s natural beauty in your own home. Introduce pops of pale blue and turquoise to the bedroom to capture the tranquility of the waves and promote a calmer sleep, or dot around little nautical trinkets and seashells on shelves and windowsills for a cute but minimal touch that doesn’t take up much space.

 Keep your cool

Invest in some white window shades for the summer months to keep your space cool and fresh. Naturally rejecting warmth, the shades not only let in light and keep your space cool and breezy, but they also open up your room, giving the illusion of a much bigger space. Try swapping heavier duvets for a thin cotton sheet to stay cool during the night too to get a better night’s sleep. A great alternative if you’re feeling a little whitewashed is a chic bamboo shade – effective at letting in light and providing shade when you’re looking to escape the glare for a while. These can make a feature of even the smallest of rooms.

Clear unnecessary clutter


Nothing will free up your mind and allow you to concentrate on the more important things this summer (you know, sunbathing et al!) than clearing away all the messy clutter from your bedroom. Clear out any overflowing storage cupboards and keep belongings out of sight and out of mind with a handy divan bed from Divan Beds Centre – not only cool and comfortable, but a smart and discreet storage option when you’re strapped for space.

Cut down on furniture

Eliminate extra furniture that no longer serves it’s purpose by being smart with your space and thinking about alternate uses for your accessories. For example, a quirky wall-mounted lamp means that you won’t need a bedside table, saving space and making your room look a lot bigger than it currently does. Installing shelves on bare walls rather than using bookcases can make for interesting feature walls AND save space.

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