Strange Yet Functional Home Designs


There is no dearth of weird home designs in the world. Here is a look at five strange homes that have surprisingly noteworthy functional benefits.

Brazil’s Angra dos Reis Home

If you were to fly over Angra dos Reis on a helicopter, you would see a unique roof system comprising a huge flower with six petals.

The interior design is also unconventional to say the least. It is bereft of hallways, to allow beach winds to flow into all sections of the home. A swimming pool snakes its way through Angra dos Reis and ends in a small backyard pond that is home to fish and vegetation.

Utah’s Montesilo House


This weekend home has a sustainable design that conserves space in an intelligent way. Montesilo basically joins two corrugated grain silos innovatively and aesthetically. With a modest 1,800 square feet of living space, the house has beds placed in cubbyholes carved into walls, and each comes with its own entertainment system.



Suffolk’s Sliding House



The innovative mechanics of this home deserve an applause. Sliding House, as the name suggests, can slide off its outer shell in six minutes with the aid of a battery-run motor and a set of small wheels built into the timber covering. The inner glass shell gives the home a new look! Importantly, it gives homeowners the flexibility to make adjustments based on weather changes.

Mexico City’s Nautilus


A home shaped like a seashell is the stuff of story books, but Nautilus is a stunning example of bio-architecture that imitates designs inspired by creatures from the reptile and aquatic kingdoms. The home is designed like a cephalopod’s shell and its interior comprises trees and vegetation. 

Colorado’s Amory Lovins’ House


A brilliant example of sustainable architecture, the home has 16-inch thick walls and windows filled with krypton that distribute solar energy throughout the living space. The utility costs of the home stand at just $5! The home’s defining feature is its greenhouse, which has produced non-native tropical fruit in abundance.

Nick Marr

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