Spring clean your London buy to let for a quick tenancy


Winter has been and gone and spring is here. Many people will often use this opportunity to get rid of any old rubbish and tat that might have been built up over the cold and harsh winter months. If you own your own property and are looking to rent it out after a tenancy, chances are it could probably do with a good spring clean too! However, the type of spring clean might differ somewhat as sorting through rubbish and unwanted items will probably already have been done when the original tenants moved out. So what else is there to do? Well mainly you need to clean like a madman! Everything needs to be spotless and everything needs to be shiny. Floors, ceilings and walls will also need to be re painted if needed and scrubbed if some of the marks can’t be removed. So what advice can you get to clean your London property the correct way? Homes Go Fast spoke to London 2 Let, who have some great lets in Clapham and around the central London area, about how best to clean a rented property and they came up with these helpful tips.


A couple of things you should remember when cleaning the kitchen. Firstly, all appliances left in the home must be thoroughly cleaned and scoured to remove any unwanted grime. Then clean the oven and any other electric items. Make sure the floor and surfaces are spotless also as these can often be dirtied by falling food and other typical kitchen items. Finally, make sure the kitchen smells lovely because the kitchen is the hub of any home and needs to feel homely.



The main protagonists that need to be cleaned in here are of course the bath, sink and the toilet. Bleach the toilet to make it spotless and clean the bath and sink religiously till they all sparkle. Make sure there’s always a nice scent in there also so maybe insert one of those popular plugins you see on television all the time! Make sure you pay special attention to the corners of the bathroom as well as often dirt and dust can accumulate over the months of use.



The general feeling here is to clean the upholstery as best as possible, providing the rented accommodation comes equipped with them. However, before you start with the cushions and sofas, the floor and carpet need to be attended to first. Steam clean them and remove any unwanted stains and marks that tarnish the look of the room.

Of course, doing it yourself is probably the preferred way as it’s cheaper although more time consuming. However, if all else fails, you can hire a professional cleaning company to come in and finish what you’ve started.

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