Selling Your Home? Paint It This Color

Selling your home with a terrible color like lime green is a good way to have your home sit on the market for a very long time. Truth is, paint can make a dramatic difference in selling your home. There are colors that attract buyers and open up their vision and also colors that scare buyers away.

Something we get asked a lot here at Hillis Brothers is, “What colors will attract buyers and get your home sold?”

There are multiple colors that buyers will like but the color that will get them instantly singing papers would be blue. The best part is, there are multiple shades of blue that will make your home look stunning.

Why Blue?

Blue is a versatile color that can fit just about every style of home. The color blue is extremely powerful. Not only is it a great color but… It’s known to be a calming color. This has a major impact on potential buyers. 

Would you rather have an agreeable buyer, or a buyer that’s freaked out by a yellow kitchen?

It’s pretty simple. The effect of blue can increase your final sale by 1-3%. That’s about a $3,000 to $9,000 bonus! That will definitely help with the bills!

There are thousands of different shades, this will allow you to get different styles of looks. Every home is different, here are some specifics:

– Different lighting 
– Different styles (Victorian, Modern, Split-level, etc.)
– Neighborhoods

Different Shades Of Blue

Every room and house is different meaning different shades fit better places. A light blue exterior looks stunning for a beach house, but that color might not be allowed or fitting in certain neighborhoods. The top shades are listed below:

– Slate Blue
– Light Blue
– Muted Blues

These colors will instantly transform your entire house inside or out. Each room is different and has different lighting, this is important to keep in mind. You’ll want to stick with lighter blues for a bathroom and muted blues for a bedroom. Kitchens/Dining rooms look amazing with darker blues (specifically slate blue).

With blue being the most calming color it’ll be important to know where to paint.

Where To Paint

Now… where are the best places to paint blue? The whole house? Only the interior? This can seem like a pretty tough decision but it’s actually pretty simple!

Although not everywhere, blue has the best shades that can fit just about any room. The very top places to paint blue are right here:

– Front door (Top color is navy)
– Bathrooms (Lighten the room with a lighter shade)
– Kitchen (typically a darker blue like slate)
– Bedroom (Gray-Blue will be very relaxing) 

More than just the interior rooms, a blue exterior can also show off in front of the neighbors! Depending On the location and style, light blues are more of a beach house while darker navy blues are fit for anywhere! Just be cautious of your neighborhood’s rules on choosing exterior paint colors.

Final Thoughts

Blue is the very best color for not only interior but also exterior. You can easily sell for 1-3% more just by painting a few rooms blue. You would have to be crazy not to go blue for your home!

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