Reduce, Re-use, Recyle–DIY tips for going green at home!


Living in a green home can be a bit of a task. While it’s all well and good to care for the environment, actually taking the steps toward green living can be time consuming. Here are some fun and practical ways to go green in your own home without breaking the bank!

Grow your own
If you live in an area where you can grow food, why not take advantage of that? Growing herbs and spices in your own garden is an easy and inexpensive way to save money and feel good about yourself. Thyme, corriander, tomatoes, and chillies can be grown nearly anywhere and are a great way to lower your carbon emissions and put your green thumb to use!





Okay, the idea of a compost pile can be kind of gross. But hear me out! if you plan to grow your own veggies or flowers, creating a compost pile is great furtiliser! Fruit skins and rinds are biodegradable so tossing your banana peels into your compost pile can be great. In fact, you can toss most things in a compost pile. Seeds, peels, other green biodegredable items can cultivate great fertiliser.


Hipster Revolution


If there’s one thing hipsters love, it’s mason jar decor. Next time you’re finished with a jam or pickle jar, rinse it out and turn it into a drinking glass. You can save yourself money on glasses of course, but reusing glass is a major part of going green. Mason jars also work well for ornament as well as functionality. Throw some wild flowers into a mason jar and call yourself a hipster.


Shine bright!

We can’t all install solar panels onto our roofs. It’s time consuming and inconvenient to expect this type of investment from every family. You can, however, save yourself (and the environnment) some extra cash by switching to energy efficient lightbulbs. Energy efficient lightbulbs are a great way to save energy costs at home and reduce your carbon footprint!

Paperless billing!


Alright, this one’s a bit of a ‘duh’. But you’d be surprised how many families don’t realize they can opt out of paper billing. Pay your bills online and have them delivered to your email inbox instead of your letter box. It’s easy to think it won’t make a difference but when you think about how many bills, statements, pamphlets and general paper waste you receive in the mail each month, you’ll realize that you’re doing yourself and the environment a huge favor by asking for paperless billing.




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