Motorized Blinds: Privacy and Light Control Made Easy

Blinds are among the top treatments of choice by many homeowners. Aside from being durable and inexpensive, they are also appropriate for rooms where privacy is a prime concern, such as a bedroom or bathroom. They also offer sufficient protection from bright sunlight, which is especially beneficial for south-facing rooms that frequently receive the most sunlight.

One common complaint that homeowners have with conventional window blinds, however, is that they can sometimes be a pain to operate. Since most of them are operable using either a wand or cord, homeowners usually have to deal with jammed rods or tangled cords, resulting for the slats to get stuck, sag, or fall off. Safety can also be an issue for corded blinds, as the cords themselves are known to be a strangulation hazard for kids and pets.

Fortunately, you do not have to deal with the limitations of wand- or cord-operated window blinds. Thanks to motorized blinds from, covering your windows and managing the privacy of your home and properly controlling the amount of light streaming into your space is now made easier.

A primer on motorized blinds

Motorized blinds, as their name suggests, are a type of window covering that are powered by a motor. They are available in different systems that include plug-in, hardwired, RF radio frequency and battery operated. All can be controlled using either a handheld remote control or a wall switch. With just one click, you can easily adjust the blinds according to your preference for privacy and the amount of light that you would like inside the room.

Why choose motorized blinds?

While it is true that motorized blinds are pricier compared to their wand- or cord-operated counterparts, consider them as good investments that can pay up for themselves for the long term. This can be seen from the numerous benefits they could bring to the table.


This one is probably the most obvious benefit of motorized blinds. Since a remote control device is a standard for this type of window covering, it eliminates the need for you to manually adjust your blinds. With just a push of the button, opening, closing and adjusting the height of the slats can be done in a snap. You do not even have to move away from your seat to make the adjustments. In short, it is simple, fast and reliable.


Motorized blinds can also provide you the benefit of safety in two different ways. First, as the system does away with using cords, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your kids and pets are safe from the risk of strangulation. Second, there are many motorized blinds designed to have a security feature wherein you can simply press a button and they will instantly cover the entire window, keeping people from peeking into your house.

Design flexibility

Design wise, motorized blinds suit both traditional and contemporary choices in décor. As they are available in a wide array of colours and sizes and some of them can even be customized, it is easier to find units that befit the existing décor of your home. Also, if you have particularly large windows, motorized blinds are a good choice because they allow for proper coverage and ease of operation.

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