Modern Guest-Bathroom Ideas for Maximum WOW Factor


Photo Credit: Jean Van Dar Meulan, Pexels

Most homeowners dream that their sweet abode achieves the maximum wow factor from every nook and corner. You must have given your best effort into your master bedroom along with the master bathroom, living, kitchen, your children’s room, even into the guest room. Then why your guest bathroom won’t have that wow factor you’ve given to the other spaces of your home? The good news is you can decorate your small guest-bathroom with the modern vanities available in online store like this one. Style your guest-bathroom by following the modern guest-bathroom ideas below for maximum WOW factor. 

Boost up with mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall, /who’s the fairest of them all?” Mirrors are notoriously good at creating the illusion. The guest bathrooms are usually small in size. That is why place a mirror at the top of the washbasin, if possible, across the top half of the wall to give an illusion of twining the size of the room. It will, at the same time, illuminate the room to a great extent. 

Neutral color and matt surfaces

Use of neutral colors in the bathroom dominating the modern bathroom design these days. Colors like White, Black, and Grey are not only timeless, elegant, and versatile but also create a bold statement. Moreover, the matte finish instantly adds to the wow factor of the bathroom.

Natural materials

Natural elements like granite, marble, clay, wood, and bamboo are among huge trends in bathrooms this year. Bathroom vanities made of these natural materials help to relax and provide a soothing effect in the bathroom. You can also opt for quartz and porcelain as non-porous alternatives that exactly look like natural materials.  

Get rid of the frame

The good news is that toughened glass bath screens no longer need to be supported by frames. You can easily opt for a floor-to-ceiling that makes the room look larger than it is by subtly separating the shower from the toilet and basin. This glass screen can be made of cheap materials and be fitted in any area, which is a plus for small bathrooms like guest-bathrooms. 

Large single slab tiles

While renovating a modern bathroom, people are more inclined to choose large single slab tiles than numerous small tiles for flooring and shower walls. Using large slab tiles is an economical option, providing an uninterrupted finish, which will require a little additional décor. Plus, you don’t have to put much effort into cleaning the grout. 

Freestanding single-sink bath vanity

Freestanding single-sink bath vanity can be a perfect addition to any small bathroom, including a guest- bathroom that lacks space. The single vanities usually provide a more spacious feeling in a small bathroom due to their small stature and add a sophisticated vibe to the bathroom. 

Freestanding bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are another way of making your bathroom look larger with an added glamour. Choose a bathtub made of granite or quartz so that it looks crafted from a single stone. Opt for a deep tub if you want your guest to experience a relaxing soak.  

Brass hardware

Faucets and other fixtures made of brass are the best choice for any bathroom. Brass hardware adds timeless glamour to the bathroom and can be magnificently contrasted against white, black or navy blue. Moreover, they are versatile enough to go with any kind of theme you please— vintage, natural, or industrial.

Sneak a tub under the eaves

If your guest-bathroom is placed in loft conversions limited by an eave, it is the right place to tuck a bathtub under it. The bathroom with a dormer window will be a plus to enjoy the soak by watching stars through the window.

Sink the bath

If your guest-bathroom has a low ceiling, you can sink the bathtub into the floor. It will give a spa-like feeling by saving you a lot of space. 

Curtains option

Though the glass screen is the modern option to separate the shower from the toilet and basin, you can opt for traditional shower curtains. If you are more concerned about privacy, shower curtains will still be the best option for your guest-bathroom. And it is indeed the most economical option too. 

Special lighting effect

Use special lighting effects to perk up the mood of your guests. The latest LED lighting can change the color of your bathroom with a flick of a switch. This kind of lighting feels much more atmospheric in small bathrooms like guest-bathrooms rather than large bathrooms. Let your guests relax with a leisurely blue bath or sunny yellow morning wake up.


Complement your guest-bathroom by decorating it with succulent plants. Invite nature in your bathroom by decorating your single-sink bathroom vanity and window with beautiful succulents. Usually, the heat and moisture in the bathroom will help the plants grow livelier to provide a soothing experience for your guests.

Heated flooring

Heated flooring might seem unnecessary for guest bathrooms, but without it, the whole bathroom experience for your guests and your efforts to decorate it will be ruined. Winter is coming, and it will be a nightmare for your guests to get out of the tub stepping on the freezing floor. There are plenty of energy-efficient options of heated flooring available in the market, which is relatively easy to install. Install one and ensure maximum comfort to your guests. 

Go Luxe

The best thing about a small bathroom like a guest bathroom is, you can easily go luxe. Smaller bathrooms require a limited item to decorate; hence, you can opt for high-end decorating items. 

Moreover, be creative with your extraordinary imagination to style your guest-bathroom. Ensure best bathroom experience for your guest by following the modern guest-bathroom ideas and surprise them with your creativity. 

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