Make your home stylish with an old look – Vintage design is back with a vengeance


How often do you hear someone say, “I brought a brand furniture set the other day, I had to assembly it myself and it cost xxx amount”? I bet you probably hear it as often as I do, which means a lot! Now however, there’s a new trendy way of buying furniture and it doesn’t require hours of walking through a massive furniture store and self-assembly. Buying vintage furniture is one of the best ways of getting individual and original pieces whilst still getting amazing quality. So next time, instead of getting in your car and driving to your newest flat pack furniture store, go online and do your research on vintage furniture and get yourself a bargain! Want a few examples of what you could get? Let’s have a look at some of the options available to you.

Oak Sideboard

This amazing piece of furniture would look great in a hallway or in a bedroom. The design is perfect representation of the era it was created in (1730) and because it’s made of Oak, you know it’s been built with quality materials! The height is perfect to even put a TV on so you could put it at the foot of your bed if you want. It’s a brilliant piece and one that would not look out of place in anyone’s home.

1920’s Chest of Drawers


This type of piece would be ideal for a bedroom, although you could put in a study or some sort of office, and its four drawers are of the perfect size to store clothes or files or whatever you might want to put in them! The style is classic of the 1920’s era and the walnut colour of the drawers really makes it stand out from other pieces of its kind. Another bonus is that each drawer has an individual key which means you can keep confidential items away from pesky prying eyes!

Bedside Cabinet


Instead of going to a new furniture store for some bedside cabinets, why not look for vintage ones like the ones shown in the photo? They are stylish, well designed, well made and usually quite rare. Not only will this make them stand out from everyone else’s, but you can have a limited oak piece of history whilst still having a stylish design. Having one cabinet each side of the bed is usually recommended although using one in a spare room isn’t out of the question either!

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