Keeping Cool With Home Air Conditioning: Tips for Optimal AC function

The function of air conditioners is very simple to understand. However, the mechanism that brings about this function is complex. This is because optimal operation is reliant on several components. This means that even the smallest mistake can cause a disruption in the function of the AC unit or totally damage it. Here are some tips to ensure your air conditioning system is at its optimal best.

Avoid using the wrong AC size

Bigger is better in many spheres of life but when talking air conditioners, this is not the case. An oversized air conditioner will generally cycle on and off. This will cause inefficient power usage and also bring about uncomfortable changes in temperature. A unit that is undersize is equally a problem. When the cooling capacity is not enough, the unit will wear out much faster, failing to keep your home as comfortable as it should. So a wrong AC size is a sure way to waste money on expensive repairs.

Avoid using the system round the clock

It may feel like a great idea to allow your AC run round the clock but this is a great way to waste electricity and wear down the system. If the house is mostly empty at a particular time, turn off the system and turn it back on when you return. There is little comfort to be sacrificed as most systems can cool the home in minutes. Also, consider turning off the system at night when temperatures are more favourable during warm days.

Position the AC correctly

The positioning of the air conditioner greatly affects its energy efficiency. Even though it may seem a great idea to keep the system in an unused corner of the home, such position will make it harder for the machine to work and cool the home. The best thing to do is find a shady spot to place the air conditioner. According to experts like AB&B Air Conditioning who are Buda HVAC service and repair specialists. “A reduction in direct sunlight hitting the unit leads to a reduction on the strain it goes through to cool your home”.

Avoid allowing outside air in

When you allow outside air in while your AC is running, the system has to work harder than normal to remove the humidity from the air while cooling you down. This ultimately leads to a shorter lifespan for the system when it is done consistently.

Use Ceiling Fans

For most people, air conditioning is a complete substitute for ceiling fans. This is not supposed to be the case. The two systems are to be used in tandem for optimum results. The fan will move air around the room thereby reducing wear and tear on the AC unit itself.

Fix any issues quickly

It is fairly easy to ignore the frequent on and off cycling of your unit or the creaking sounds coming from it. However, these issues are generally signs of bigger problems underneath the air conditioner that needs urgent attention.  To protect your investment in the unit, it is important to subject it to a professional check following any such signs.

With these tips, you will be able to get great value from your air conditioning system.

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