Is Flat Pack a Big Risk When Buying a Kitchen?


Lets face it, flat pack kitchen cabinets can be a pain to put up but when it comes to price they are the most economical. They are low cost for a number of reasons but are these all to the consumer’s advantage

For the retailer, they save a ton of space and are easy to transport. The materials are low cost and can be mass produced using robot technology. When it comes to kitchens are they really the best thing to buy?

Kitchen the best room in the house

Kitchens are probably the most used room in most homes, when it comes to entertaining and everyday living they are really the hub of the homes. For this reason, when refitting or adding a new kitchen using the best materials and kitchen cabinets have to be the top priority. When it comes to selling or renting homebuyers and tenants alike will probably be swayed by the style and condition of a kitchen.

The trouble with flat pack kitchen cabinets

When it comes to fitting a kitchen it only takes one poorly assembled cabinet to knock out an entire row of wall or floor cabinets. What’s more, you will find that assembled cabinets offer strength and rigidity that will stand the test of time. Factory made kitchen cabinets ensures that your kitchen is perfectly aligned, leaving no rooms for errors or flaws. Assembled kitchens can be a huge time saver compared to flat pack kitchens

Fully assembled Kitchen cabinets do not require any assembling.  The supplier sells it after completing the required fitting and assembling. As it comes assembled from the supplier itself the build quality should be perfect.

Pre-assembled furniture, which is sometimes called rigid, comes pre-made.

All the work has already been done for you. That’s the biggest perk of pre-assembled furniture.

Flat pack cabinets tend to be much more fragile than solid furniture, as they are usually made out of MDF. Dismantling the products a few times will make their durability drop significantly, and even if they are never taken apart, they still won’t last as long as ready-to-use furniture.

We assume that the money saved on flat pack is worth it but have you thought about how long to create several wall and floor kitchen units. One in 10 Brits – around 4 million people – embarrassingly admitted to needing a whole day to build a single piece of flat-pack furniture, and 26 per cent of adults said they dedicate half a day to the task.

Flat pack materials make for trouble

Engineered wood is easy to damage

One of the main differences between solid and engineered wood is the surface. If you try to sand it you will reach the fibre-waxed core and thus hurt the overall integrity of the board. If Importantly if you put too much weight on MDF that is not designed to sustain weight and will eventually sag.

All in all assembled kitchen units save money in the long term and will reduce your stress when it comes to kitchen installation

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