How to Make Your Home Appealing to Tenants


Landlords, how long do your tenancies tend to last? Rentals are, by their nature, fleeting compared with the lifespan of a homeowner and it was reported in 2016 that the average tenure is 18 months. The unsettled nature of renters can be attributed to many factors and isn’t always anything to do with the property; but there are steps you can take to ensure that you aren’t waiting long (if at all) for new tenants once the current ones decide to move on.

A few tweaks and a little extra care could be the difference between a steady income or lengthy periods without contributions to your mortgage. Read our tips below:

Let the Garden Make a Lasting First (or Final) Impression

1.      Keep trees and bushes trimmed to let in more natural light, plus additional space.

2.      Never let your lawn become overgrown, few things look messier or are more easily spotted!

3.      Planting flowers in the front garden makes the property look immediately appealing.

4.      Remove weeds immediately, no excuses!

5.      Remove any debris from the front and back gardens, and place rubbish bins in as inconspicuous an area as possible so they’re not a focal point.

6.      Patio areas are a great selling point but if they’re totally out in the open, not so much – a garden canopy provides the perfect solution for enjoying the outdoors without the threat of the British weather.

Consider Décor Carefully and Avoid Going Bold

7.      Choose neutral colour schemes for walls, furnishings so as not to scare anyone off.

8.      Tidy up any scuffs or marks on the paintwork with a new coat or a simply touch-up.

9.      Make a room look subtly stylish with one accented wall; this can be done with either paint or wallpaper.

Make Them Want to Linger in the Living Room

10. Make prospective tenants want to relax here – don’t underestimate comfy cushions, candles, blankets and air fresheners.

11. Let in fresh air via a window and neutralise any lingering smells.

12. Turn on the fire/heating on colder days.

13. A blank canvas is good but the place shouldn’t look soulless – appeal can easily be added with wall pictures, lamps, curtains or blinds.

Keep the Kitchen Sparkling and Tidy

14. Clean appliances, work surfaces, floors, ceilings and sinks etc thoroughly!

15. Clear away any leftover dishes.

16. Empty the washing machine so that the inside can be seen.

17. A new kettle, toaster and maybe even microwave won’t cost much but could make all the difference to the overall appearance if the existing ones look a little worn.

Make the Bathroom a Place for Pampering

18. Again, keep this room squeaky clean; including removing any grout and tide marks from around the tiles and bath.

19. White or pale colours work best in the bathroom and keep it looking fresh.

20. Mirrors give the impression of more space, particularly in less roomy bathrooms.

21. Clear away any toiletries.

The Bedroom Should Look Ready for Rest

22. Make sure beds have fresh, clean bedding on; the scent will be irresistible too!

23. Make sure clothes and possessions are removed from wardrobes and drawers to show how much space is available.

24. Make sure those easily-missed areas are cleaned including under the bed and on the top of wardrobes.

Last but certainly not least:


25. When it’s a little darker outside, turn on lights to brighten up the place and make everything visible.

26. Don’t neglect the windows – these should be squeaky-clean too.

27. A door canopy can improve the façade of the house and gives extra coverage when leaving or entering the house.

28. Remove any post lying around the house.

29. Ensure all the floors are clean in every room, entranceway, hall and landing.

30. Keep the drive free of any cars to display its size.

31. Neutralise any lingering smells from smoke, pets and cooking, etc.

32. Be ready for viewers to open behind every door and wardrobe when you’re having a clear-out – if it doesn’t need to be there, get rid of it properly!

The stairs can collect more dirt than any other area so take extra care to make sure these are clean too.

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