How to make the best of your home space

Whether you have a three storey mansion in the heart of the country or a modest city flat, always make the most of the space you have. While large rooms can feel cold and empty without much furniture, small rooms can feel cluttered with too much in them, so here are several ways to ensure you get the best from your living space.

Have a good clear out

If your property is a little on the cosy side, a good clear out could prove beneficial. Getting rid of anything you don’t want or need will not only free up floor and shelf space but it could make your home feel a lot bigger than it previously did. If you find it hard to throw things away but don’t have room to keep everything, why not place special items into a storage container with companies such as Ready Steady Store? By doing this you can hold onto nostalgic or much-loved goods without having to wade through endless keepsakes at your home.

Get rid of the echo

On the other hand, if your property is extremely minimalist and your voice echoes around each room due to a lack of furniture, it could be time to add one or two essential items. Choosing the right suite, for instance, could make your living room feel much more homely especially when brightened with beautiful soft furnishings including elaborate cushions or throws.

Of course, you’ll want something that complements the size and shape of your lounge but with everything from corner units to single sofas you should find just the thing. You’ll find an array of useful advice from top designers online, but it’s always fun to walk round the shops yourself to see what you can find.

Think storage

The right storage options can completely transform your home and will keep everything looking neat and tidy. Everything from bookcases to display cabinets and desks are great accessories for any property and with matching sets available you’ll be able to colour coordinate everything to suit your taste. If you have plenty of space, you might want to opt for an eye-catching feature piece such as beautiful vintage draws like those seen on Pinterest for the hallway or a highly-decorated vintage wardrobe for each bedroom. If you’re pushed for room, however, vertical storage options could be more appropriate as well as plenty of wall shelving.

Move things around

How long have your belongings been in the same place? If you can’t remember the last time they were moved (aside from to hoover underneath them), it could be time for a change. Before you start shifting things around, however, draw out a floor plan, take some measurements and come up with a redesign that’s suitable – after all you don’t want to block the doorway with a sofa or place the TV where there’s no plug socket. Changing things around might seem strange at first but you’ll soon get used to it and could even start preferring the new look and feel of your room.

Are you making the most of your home space? If not, these tips are designed to offer inspiration and set you on the right track so it’s well worth giving them a go.

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