How to Get That Classic Farmhouse Kitchen Look


A friend of mine, Jackie, lives in Redditch just south of Birmingham, and whenever I visit she’s in her kitchen, either preparing fabulous food, or just sitting quietly enjoying a cup of coffee. She adores her classic farmhouse kitchen and spent a long time planning every detailed aspect of it.

In this article, we look at what makes traditional farmhouse kitchens make such wonderful places to be, and how to go about getting one yourself.

Take your time

Jackie spent hours on the internet sourcing ideas and paging through numerous home décor magazines. In addition, she visited – time and time again – her local kitchen showroom in Buckinghamshire – a classic interior design company with fabulous kitchen ideas.

The great thing about a farmhouse kitchen is that you can combine traditional kitchen elements with ultra-modern appliances and furnishings. The result is an utterly personal space that feels homely yet practical – just like Jackie’s farmhouse kitchen.

White-painted cabinets

Simple but elegant, white-painted cabinets provide the ultimate farmhouse look. Those with intricate mouldings and fluted corners together with old-fashioned knobs, in glass, brass or brushed silver work extremely well.


Jackie whittled her choice of countertops down to three – the natural look of wood, the elegance and style of marble, and the durability, rustic texture and sublime colour shades of soapstone. All three would have worked perfectly. Her final choice? Soapstone. The dark countertop colour contrasts beautifully with her white cabinets, and soapstone can withstand extremely hot pots and pans and doesn’t stain.


The kitchen sink

Big is the operative word for a farmhouse sink, and the old-fashioned white enamel sinks have bulk and look great. So too do copper sinks set within dark wood cabinets – a vintage copper cooking hood above your range would provide a nice match too. Another great alternative is an ultra-modern stainless steel sink. They’re all the rage and perfect for a modern or a farmhouse kitchen. The choice is yours!

Wood wall panelling

Wooden wall panelling has made a comeback, and why not? These lovely tongue-and-groove panels (painted white in Jackie’s case) add a charming look to farmhouse kitchen decor. They’re easy to fit, durable and inexpensive. Not only do they look good, but they’re also an ideal solution for uneven or unsightly walls. You could even panel just one wall to make it a stand-out feature. Whatever paint colour you choose, a high-gloss finish will make for a really stunning look.


Kitchen islands

A kitchen island is the perfect kitchen convenience. It increases the amount of counter space you have and gives you more room for food preparation and storage, and also provides additional eating and drinking space.

Jackie installed a white quartz island, which contrasts beautifully with her dark soapstone countertops. You could also choose a dark-stained wood, which would work especially well with the copper sink and copper cooking hood.

Some islands incorporate the sink or stovetop into the surface, which is a great way to spread the workflow throughout the kitchen. If you like the idea of a multi-level island, it’s easy to create a breakfast bar on a higher tier above the sink or stovetop. One side of the island could be open-shelved, so that you can neatly store your recipe books. If you like the idea of a few stools, then don’t forget to make provision for leg-room under the island top.


The texture of natural stone with its muted earthy tones and warm subtle colours, makes these materials a perfect flooring solution for a farmhouse kitchen. You can choose from granite, sandstone, marble, limestone, slate and travertine, but just remember they need to be properly sealed to prevent staining. You might also like to scatter a few sisal or seagrass rugs on the kitchen floor. Their natural colours and roughness will blend right in.


Open shelving and glass-fronted cabinets

White glass-fronted kitchen cabinets are just too gorgeous and have become a signature farmhouse style. And what better way to show off some of your fine dishes and various kitchen accessories than in open shelving.

Kitchen table

The kitchen is a meeting place for friends and family, so you need a table that makes a bold statement and shouts farmhouse! A table top made from old barn beams is one idea, or an antique weathered table painted white, or an old, dark wood door sanded down and mounted on wooden trestles. That’s the kind of thing you should be thinking of. And directly above, why not install a skylight to brighten up the space.

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