How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget


Is your house in desperate need of a lick of paint, are the carpets looking worn and faded and are the rooms full of furnishings that look like they were handed down from your great grandparents? If so it is probably on your mind that you would like to decorate and update your home so that it is a place you enjoy spending time in again.

However, just because you want to decorate your house, doesn’t mean you have the budget to do so. But, fear not! There is a way to decorate your home even if you are lacking funds, so that your house doesn’t remain neglected while you try to save up.
Here are a few ways you can start to decorate on a budget:
Give the walls a lick of paint:
Painting the walls is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your home an instant lift. This could simply be adding a statement wall to one of your rooms, paint a whole room in a complete different colour to what is was originally – perhaps darker, brighter or two tone, or the lick of paint could be added to the floor or ceiling to transform the look of the room that way. 
Hang photos or art:  
                                                          Print off your favourite photos or pick up some quirky postcards or art – place them in frames and dot them around the house or create a picture wall. This will instantly make the room feel completely different as well as displaying precious memories.
Think new rugs instead of carpets:
Carpets can be expensive to replace, however a few rugs on the floor can instantly update your flooring without too much cost.
Re-purpose and re-arrange furniture:
Before you throw out any unwanted furniture, think about whether you could give it a new life somewhere else in your home. It costs nothing to repurpose or rearrange furniture – this could be done with a variety of different objects and the only limitation is your imagination! If you don’t want to upcycle your furniture, you could simple move items around; perhaps put them in different rooms to give the space a new look. 
Update your pillows:
A new sofa can be extremely costly, however adding some new cushions or re-covering your current cushions will give it an instant update, transforming the entire room at the same time.
Accessorize your rooms:
You don’t need to make big changes to make a big difference; even the small things can transform a room completely. Think new lampshades, ornaments – perhaps add a wall clock or mirror (if you don’t have one) plus plants in quirky plots and pretty vases full of flowers – all of which will brighten and update your home décor without any big decorating project that will cost you in both time and money.
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