How to create an interior design like in the high-end hotel



In good hotels, you can not only relax, but also learn a few tricks on how to make the interior cozy and full of comfort.


According to the research, traveling is often exhausting. After a flight, a person experiences stress and loses control over their own emotions. At this moment, they get into a hotel room – and there is a risk that the stress will multiply by the discomfort from the unfamiliar environment. Naturally, such a stress effect is not welcomed by modern hotel owners, and they are looking for ways to transform the “unfamiliar environment” into something fundamentally different with a few cozy touches like decor elements or quality furniture from NY Furniture Outlets. The result is obvious: in some hotels, you feel more comfortable than at home. It’s time for private apartment owners to learn from this experience.


The interior echoes the atmosphere outside the window


Take a look at the interiors of hotels in the ratings of the best of the best. All of them, of course, are good not only for the size of the room or bed. So, in addition to the breathtaking views of Singita Sweni trump cards in the Kruger National Park (South Africa), the atmosphere and style of the hotel are appropriate to the location.


Pay attention to the main design elements of the hotel interior. Wooden floors, wicker furniture and a “tent-like” ceiling allow guests to immerse themselves in nature. Poseidon Undersea Resorts in Fiji is an opportunity to literally live in an aquarium, while the Swiss Mountain Exposure to panoramic windows and a special menu for skiers offers an amazing atmosphere – not without a touch of mountain romance. The same applies to the city: waking up in a new place, the guest should feel its mood. Therefore, it is reflected in the design of hotels and fills the interior of the premises.


Outside the windows of almost all city apartments is not Eifel Tower, but this is not a reason to isolate oneself from the energy of the place. Think about how you can beat the view outside the window, choose suitable interior styles – modern or classic. Panel houses in a residential area do not stimulate imagination? Look towards minimalism and eco-style.


Live in an industrial area? Create a loft at home. There are a lot of design and decoration options for the interior. By the way, it’s a good idea to use the work of local authors in the decor. Artists, photographers, sculptors read the atmosphere and character of the place and share them with everyone. Just take it.


More attention to the hearth


The Residence Inn hotel chain, under the slogan that this is a place of residence, is focused on the long-term stay of guests. Therefore, in these hotels, every detail should be homemade. It even provides a grocery shopping service so that the guest can organize a full-fledged kitchen! And if there are no stoves and microwaves in the room, there may be a false fireplace, candles, unusual lamps …


Fire attracts and bewitches. In many ways, it is fire that shapes the feeling of home. Look at the hotel interior in the photo and think about where the family hearth is located in your apartment. If everyone is used to discussing pressing matters and making plans in the kitchen, pay more attention to the dining area. Place a pendant lamp with a beautiful shade above the table and make it easy for everyone to watch the cake “ripen” in the oven.


For the living room, you can choose a variety of options for simulating live fire or limit yourself to a hint of its presence. Candelabra, flame-shaped decor and similar things – this will definitely add comfort!


There are never too many lamps


Psychotherapists recommend sticking to your life schedule when traveling, not skipping exercises and keeping within the usual time. In addition, they advise to adjust the hotel room – within the limits of reason. For example, If the light is better in another part of the room, feel free to move the desk there. Move whatever you need. After all, you paid for it. However, modern designers should be given their due: in good hotels, there is rarely a problem with light. As a rule, there are a lot of lamps in the room, and they are placed thoughtfully.


To plan the lighting of an apartment equally skillfully, you must clearly understand how each room is zoned. Take the design of hotels and their interiors as a reference. So, in most star American and European hotels and hotels there is no such thing as “overhead light” – the lighting scenario is played out with the help of additional sources: sconces, floor lamps and table lamps.


Of course, you can hang a chandelier in the room, but in no case should you forget about local light sources. By the way, ceiling spots are considered an excellent alternative to a regular chandelier. They came to residential and hotel interiors from showrooms and galleries, bringing with them the ability to customize the space for themselves.


Interior design is one of the fundamental success factors for hotels. It is by looking at the photographs of the rooms and halls that many tourists decide for themselves whether to stay at this hotel. When planning the design, it is necessary at the same time to make it sufficiently original so that it distinguishes the institution from similar ones, and not too flashy – after all, thousands of guests with different tastes will stay in the hotel, and everyone needs to please.


The choice of design depending on the class of the hotel


If guests of business class hotels are ready to sacrifice aesthetics in favor of functionality, then 4- and 5-star hotels cannot afford nondescript interiors.


Most businessmen or less discerning tourists staying in 3-star hotels expect a good level of comfort. The main task of the designer is to offer a practical and inexpensive design, subject to a single concept of the institution. The dominant direction in design is minimalism, which can be combined with classics, hi-tech, modern or even oriental style to make the establishment original.


Luxury hotels can afford smarter and more dramatic décor. For example, a popular technique is to link the interiors of hotels located in historic buildings to events and personalities. Interesting ideas can be realized by connecting the hotel’s interior with the exterior: choosing a Mediterranean style for a hotel located on the coast, or decorating the premises of a building recessed in the greenery of a park in an eco-style.


Comfort comes first


Tourists were fed up with strange interiors stylized as prison cells, bungalows, aquariums. It is important for the hotel to create a home away from home atmosphere in the rooms. Fluffy carpets, curtains, fireplaces, decorative pillows will come to the rescue.


The space of the halls has become multifunctional


Recently, guests have been spending more and more time in the lobbies, because there are areas for work, business negotiations, relaxation and even a small bar with coffee and soft drinks. The main requirements for the decoration of the halls are interesting design, large chandeliers, multimedia stations.


Bathrooms are reminiscent of spas


Many European hotels offer you to enjoy hydromassage or lie down in a jacuzzi in your room. The bathroom has ceased to be an auxiliary room and has become one of the factors determining the quality of relaxation. This easily can be designed at home!


Modern technology is everywhere


The arguments of budget-conscious hoteliers who insist that people want to disconnect from outside contacts and take a break from the Internet away from home have long been invalidated. New hotels are increasingly introducing modern technologies: this is the option to control equipment in the room using a smartphone, and the ability to use a tablet provided by the hotel, and, of course, the Internet in each of the rooms. It is considered a good form for business hotels to decorate and equip a conference or meeting room with modern equipment.

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