How a Desirable Bathroom Sells a Home


Over the years our bathrooms have gone from an entirely functional room that took little time and effort to a room in which we also enjoy a spa like environment.  It’s often one of the rooms in which we go to relax, whether it be in our very own shower cabins, or to have a long hot bath with candles and a great book.  If you’re putting your home on the market, you’re likely going up against many other sellers who are looking to put their house into new hands as quickly as possible.  How can you stand above the competition and gain interest in your space with so many other homeowners in the same boat? 

A desirable bathroom can certainly put your home head and shoulders above others on the market.  As one of the most often used and enjoyed spaces in the house (possibly coming second only to the kitchen), a room that has that wow factor can be your ticket to a sold sign on the front lawn.

Make it shine
One of the first and cheapest (but possibly time consuming) ways that you can improve your bathroom is to clean it. Top to bottom.  Inside and out.  Sure, we all “clean” our bathrooms, and you may even be one of those people who regularly enjoy taking a toothbrush to scour the floor or shower grout, but to clean a bathroom for your viewings, you may need to dig a little deeper.  Cleaning out the drains and vents is an important factor to give your bathroom a “new” feeling, as well as getting to all of the corners and even wiping down baseboards and shelves. 

Back to basics
People don’t want to see an empty shell, but they also want enough room to let their imaginations run.  A potential buyer has to see themselves in the space with their own personal touches, and if you’ve given the room a strong personality of its own, buyers won’t be able to imagine living there.  Take most of the decor out and pack it away.  Keep counters, drawers, cupboards and shelves (including shower shelves!) clean and free of clutter.  If you’ve got a shower curtain, you might want to replace it with a fresh one, along with a fresh new liner.

Give it a fresh coat

Yes, we’re talking paint. If your bathroom is already a neutral colour, congratulations, you may have just saved yourself a paint job. If, however, your bathroom has been painted a dark colour, or you loved the idea of a rainbow within the 4 walls, you might just have to consider revamping the room.  If you’ve got some holes to fill or the paint shows signs of wear and tear, you may get away with touch ups if the paint job was done fairly recently.  Since paint fades over time, you may want to just go ahead and cover the entire room with a fresh coat.

Hardware & fixtures
If your fixtures are showing their age, it might be time to replace them.  It may have seemed minor while you were living there, but a chipped or cracked finish on your sink will deter many buyers.  If your toilet tank is in great shape, replacing the seat alone may give it a newer look.  Your faucets and hardware may also need an update, and if so, ensure that you get a matching set so that your bathroom has a nice even flow.  Consider the style of your home and even of other bathrooms that you’ve seen & loved in the neighbourhood before you select a finish option. 


A dingy looking bathroom can become bright and cheery with the right lighting.  Your light fixture itself can be replaced but you’ll also want to ensure that you’ve got enough bulbs and the right kind of bulbs to brighten the space.  Consider your hardware when selecting lighting fixtures in order to compliment the colours and metal finishes.  A set of task lighting that properly illuminates the mirror is important for getting ready in the morning, while the option of mood lighting (or lighting on a dimmer switch) is appealing for those wanting to relax at the end of a day’s work with a soak in the tub.

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