House Makeovers To Create a Sparkle to Your Home


House makeovers for 2014 – a new year, new hopes, new resolutions; so why not have a new vibe to your home too? While extensive re-doing of the kitchen, bath or bedroom every year is not feasible for most of us, certain simple makeovers most certainly are.

 Here’s a list of our favourite picks from what you can do in 2014 to add a new sparkle to your home.

Make it purple. Or blue. Or yellow

2014 is going to be the year of vibrant colours – purple, blue, yellow or orchid, you get the idea right? According to the Pantone Colour Institute, radiant orchid is going to rule this year. And true enough! We’ve been seeing the colour of orchids everywhere recently, from personal accessories to wallpapers.

The international colour expert says purple induces confidence, creativity and a host of other positive emotions. Another reason why purple rules is that it complements colours like grey, turquoise, deep greens, olive, teal, and yellow.

 And guess what? This news is greater than you think! Yellow tops Sico’s list of dominant colours of 2014 while blue tops a similar list, charted by the Color Marketing Group. Considering purple complements the chart toppers of yellow and blue, you can add a new sparkle to your home by simply opting for purple and mix-matching it with blue or yellow.

Three tips for a perfect makeover

1.) Mirrors
“People are afraid of the big mirror. They think, ‘So 1980s…’ But there’s no reason to be scared. It’s great — you double the size of the space. You want two chandeliers in a room instead of one? Put up a mirror.” —Annie Brahler

2.) Quality
“Have fewer, but better things. Obviously, it’s a long process. It’s not 10-minute decorating. If you buy one good thing a year, in five years, you’ll have five really good things.” —Suzanne Rheinstein

3.) Small Spaces
“Small furniture in small rooms only emphasizes that they’re small. A large-scale piece gives the room oomph and adds dimension.” —Ken Fulk

 Suit – up your walls


While you’re deciding which walls to paint, consider wallpapers for a few. The past few years saw them gaining steady re-entry into being the “in thing” and most magazine’s this year have included wallpapers in their top-trends-for-2014 lists.

 Geometric prints, hand painted murals and radiant orchid are going to be hot. Also consider using a singular bold color for your walls and trims – they project spaciousness by reducing contrast.

 Accessorize your home

2014 is the year of making your abode look warmer. The industrial look is fading and just by making a few additions like Persian rugs, folk-art inspired table napkins and cushions, sculptured light fixtures and animal prints to name a few, you can add a new sparkle to your home which, will be in line with the hottest trends of 2014.

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