Hamptons Style Homes, a Design Classic

Houses in the Hamptons are recognised the world over for their style and luxury, and it is no wonder that this style of home is often replicated. There are several design features that make homes in the Hamptons so unique, and when these features are used in the design of Australian homes, it can bring a little touch of Long Island to this country.

Natural lighting is a must

Homes in the Hamptons are well known for being bright and breezy, and this is often achieved through their use of large windows. This gives the property a lot of natural light and can also make the rooms appear larger. Some homes also have skylights so that the upstairs of the property can also benefit from light being let into the property. Rooms will often have more than one window and some may even have floor to ceiling windows. There are a number of different options for windows in Hampton’s style homes, but they all have the same effect of filling the home with natural light.

  En suite keeps them sweet

 It is common for homes in the Hamptons to have the same number of bathrooms as bedrooms. This is a very popular design feature, especially in family homes, as the bathroom is one of the most used areas of the home. When everyone has their own bathroom, there is no need to queue in the morning to get ready. Having your bathroom attached to your bedroom also adds some luxury to the property, especially if the bathroom is completed to a high-end specification.

  Flawless flooring

 Timber floors throughout the property are a common feature of homes in the Hamptons. These floors are typically easier to keep clean than carpet, which is one of the reasons that they are so popular. Hampton’s style homes are usually decorated with light colours to add to the feeling of light and space within the property. This gives owners a choice regarding the colour of this flooring. A lighter colour can make the space seem even bigger, but darker floors can provide a contrast that can look very effective. A large part of the popularity of homes in the Hamptons is that owners are able to put their own mark on the property through the way that they decorate it and this makes every property unique. 

Make the most of the land

 It is not just the interior of a property that can give it the style of the Hamptons. Most homes in the Hamptons will have a swimming pool, and people in Australia are lucky in that they have the climate to be able to make the most of having a pool in their garden. Landscaped gardens are also a popular feature and these can provide the ideal setting for the pool to be located. The inclusion of sun loungers in the garden can make it the perfect place to relax and unwind.

 Homes in the Hamptons are both modern and luxurious and this is something that most homeowners would want for their property. This style of home is particularly popular in Australia and examples of these types of custom built homes are readily available on the Oswald Homes website. If you are considering having a home that is designed and built in the Hamptons style, then this site can give you some idea of the different types of property that you could go for. Not only will this site give you information on the custom build process, you will also be inspired by the various ways that they have decorated the homes featured in their stunning photographs. Take a look today.

Photo: MikeMCD

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